• Open tracing - look into the API - with the other teams
  • logging and config in general should be driven by the teams themselves in OOM - we provide the initial template 
  • Brian Freeman discussions about logging at the F2F 
  • spec work needs to be finished
  • OOM coordination - starting with AAI config - include the logging config - raise a logging epic - raise a JIRA on fixing the chef issue introduced by the git pull in the container - AAI-548 - Add the cassandra environment files IN PROGRESS
  • Shishir Thakore (AT&T) wants to help us see  Joining the Community
  • Committer Review
  • template Luke Parker - Committer Promotion Request for [Logging-Analytics]
  • 1 - Jerome Doucerain (Bell) - remove - can reapply at any time
  • 2 - Daniel Milani (Bell) - remove can reapply at any time
  • 3 - Mark Pond - free up committer role for new committers
  • 4 - Dave Williamson - write up profile (one of the spec originators and at all meetings/reviews) and present to TSC as new committer
  • 5 - Michael O'Brien - committer in prep of ptl
  • 6 - verify Luke Parker has all committer rights
  • 7 - invite new committers on onap-discuss - likely appc, policy, portal personnel (non-Amdocs, non-AT&T - for the 3+ company rule)
  • move guidelines meeting up to 9am EDT - publish to onap-discuss
  • answer several questions from APPC about logging guidelines
  • appc meeting based on EELF - Wed - Michael O'Brien
  • TSC asked if HEAT can be deprecated - OOM only - one of the issues will be no required ELK stack in HEAT.


35 min

Luke Parker

Dave Williamson

J. Ram Balasubramanian

Lee Breslau

Shane Daniel

Cheuk Yiu Horace Ip

Sanjay Agraharam


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