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Recorded Session 2018-01-26



  • Get status on AAI lab resources
  • Discuss MSB/AAF and establish clear direction on approach for Beijing
  • Status on Cassandra clustering
  • AAI Administrivia

Discussion items


AAI-494 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Status on RST generation. We did a merge with the RST file Pavel produced but its size seemed to exhaust the resources of the readthedocs CPU/memory quotas for building the HTML page. Raised issue with Rich Bennett from the docs team and was going to work the issues with Pavel Paroulek. Do we want to use a single RST file or should we split into smaller RST files? During generation of the yaml, we could possible change the output - need to consult with William LaMont or Richard Epp from ATT who know the process of how that yaml is created.

MSB Integration Status

The MSB AAF auth plugin
Two-way SSL at MSB API Gateway
Any problems in the integration

AAI-671 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Might need a plugin in MSB to achieve stickiness of requests

Cassandra Clustering

We have a 3 node replicated cluster configured with local storage; need to discuss if this will be adequate to the purpose of Beijing integration testing.

AAI-539 - Getting issue details... STATUS OOM-591 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Michael O'Brien (Amdocs 1705-1905) from OOM team will assist w/ OOM-591

CII Badging

We have two CII Badging submissions currently active on CII Best Practice Badge Program: 1) AAI and 2) Sparky-fe

Zi Li Need to submit for ESR (sub-projects submit separately)

InfrastructureJames ForsythNew repos built; do we need anything else?

Image ManagerJames ForsythImage Manager is a proposed sub-project to AAI for Beijing. Likely transitioning to the MultiVIM project, meeting after our AAI weekly call today to reach an agreement.
  • James Forsyth will start the discussion about IM for Beijing to close on the TSC conditional approval of AAI's M1 - Meeting 1/26 immediately following the AAI weekly call to discuss it
  • James Forsyth and Pavel Paroulek will work on getting the RST file produced by Pavel's script into the readthedocs for Beijing - then add stories for next steps as appropriate 
  • Zi Li or other ESR rep will to start the CII Badging process for ESR
  • James Forsyth will start an email thread about RST split and yaml generation for readthedocs
  • James Forsyth will set up a session with AAF to try authentication