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Recorded Session 2018-02-02



  • Get status on AAI lab resources
  • Discuss MSB/AAF and establish clear direction on approach for Beijing
  • Status on Cassandra clustering
  • AAI Administrivia

Discussion items


AAI-494 - Getting issue details... STATUS

@Richard Epp to send yaml file via email to Pavel and attach to wiki so all can see.

Issues seen thus file: file too large and cannot be read by readmedoc causing it to be unusable.

Suggestion of using MSB portal with link of file to readmedoc.

How to display REST APIs via the swagger UI integrated with MSB:

Will need to continue as open item until resolved.

HPADileep Ranganathan

I would like to discuss about the Persistence of HPA related information in A&AI in the weekly meeting call.

I would like to discuss my proposal to capture the HPA capabilities in a generic way in A&AI as

represented here à

I would appreciate if we could include this in tomorrow’s meeting.

Dileep Ranganathan presented .  General discussion.

Alexander Vul met with OOF team yesterday to determine optimal way to consume info from A&AI, will go back

To OOF with using key value pairs; implementation needs to be agnostic and optimal.

Alex to post on wiki general format and value specifics; will meet with OOF on Mon on how to represent the values.

MSB Integration Status

The MSB AAF auth plugin
Two-way SSL at MSB API Gateway
Any problems in the integration

AAI-671 - Getting issue details... STATUS Opened questions to be answered

Might need a plugin in MSB to achieve stickiness of requests

Cassandra Clustering

We have a 3 node replicated cluster configured with local storage; need to discuss if this will be adequate to the purpose of Beijing integration testing.

AAI-539 - Getting issue details... STATUS OOM-591 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Michael O'Brien (Amdocs 1705-1905) from OOM/logging team will assist w/ OOM-591 - calling in larger AA&I team personnel as well for this PV issue

Michael O'Brien (Amdocs 1705-1905) to respond back to Harish’s email and setup meeting on Monday 10 AM; Will put on OAM discussion page so others interested can attend. 

vF2F is 9-11 - booked for 11 EST (GMT-5) - forwarded to AAI and SDNC team (who also did a cluster poc) -

OOM Components Persistence

CII Badging

We have two CII Badging submissions currently active on CII Best Practice Badge Program: 1) AAI and 2) Sparky-fe

Zi Li Need to submit for ESR (sub-projects submit separately)