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  • Beijing Branch
    • Strategy: cutting branch today 20180606 (changes before only for image changes)
    • Change management: patches after the branch? INT team will pickup a dot release if possible (containing the patches)
    • (discussion on dot release : Mike, Frank,
      • - release not fully stable anyway - dependency in 2 parts (oom chart changes and project config/code changes in re-released docker images)
  • Mikes values.yaml overrides for production deployments -  OOM-927 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Working with LF to get centralized helm chart repository - no more make or clone commands locally - just helm install
    • Could use combination of LF repo and local repo

  • go over bugs 
  • Q) appc issues: High: Aaron Hay
    • OOM-1124 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • config gets reset in workaround - pushing review to casablanca -
    • without change above - need to apply odl config changes outside of a helm upgrade
    • can cherry pick to the branch
    • Need to discuss change management for beijing

  • Q) AAF integration (SDC, AAI and Logging implementors so far)
  • SO is passing only windriver periodically - failing in tlab and aws
  • Talk to seshu on

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  1. Are these weekly meetings available to join online?

    1. Yes - If you check out Community Meetings & Calendar where you'll find all of the ONAP meetings including the OOM one which take place Wednesday's at 10:00 EDT.

      Cheers, Roger