Pending Work

  • merge logback.xml
  • import portal/sdk library to log war - then add new logback.xml and adjust library to fit
  • retrofit slf4j and slf4j-demo to use new logback.xml - specifically each of the 29 log fields
  • finish logstash files plugin to remove all filebeat sidecar containers
  • move exiting spec + field 29 (  )to dublin spec - ONAP Application Logging Specification - Post Dublin
  • Expand (as Acumos has) collection from k8s system and tomcat logs (access logs for example)

  • quick script to validate logs fields
  • ...

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  1. Put a JIRA in for this - Q: from Dave Williamson - in the context of is the field "serverFQDN" useful

    LOG-666 - Getting issue details... STATUS

    TODO: serverFQDN currently posts "localhost" when in a container - we are not getting the container name or the vm name without some code changes - but they are available to the kubernetes system and should be written out by filebeat/logstash

    2018-08-28T16:26:57.887Z||2018-08-28T16:26:57.883Z|||7741c447-cd4f-4f0a-9e7a-9abc3eebe8c1||http-nio-8080-exec-30|/logging-demo/rest/health/health|||||INFO||||localhost|0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1|||||||org.onap.demo.logging.ApplicationService|ResponseCode=, InstanceUUID=7741c447-cd4f-4f0a-9e7a-9abc3eebe8c1, RequestID=c897a12f-fa51-4450-8645-3ee907946695, ServiceName=/logging-demo/rest/health/health, ResponseDescription=, InvocationID=067ba289-9017-462a-8d68-aa2670a04205, Severity=, InvokeTimestamp=2018-08-28T16:26:57.883Z, PartnerName=, ClientIPAddress=0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1, ServerFQDN=localhost, StatusCode=||EXIT
    in above

    test a failover - especially if logstash "files" is capturing 

    harvester should know vm name like "a-onap-devops"  - so the java library may not need to actually capture the serverFQDN

    onap-msb-consul-df5cdcdbb-n8f5g                         1/1       Running            0          29m   a-onap-devops

    verify that the first part of the id changes on a a cluster vm redeploy "df5cdcdbb-n8f5g" - specifically the df5cdcdbb part - as the n8f5g part is the part of the id that "does" vary across pod restarts on a single VM.

    all this assumes you are in ELK + logstash "files" plugin or keep "beats" + filebeat - in  both cases verify server name is derived from harvester

  2. moving

    OOM-1311 - Getting issue details... STATUS


    LOG-672 - Getting issue details... STATUS