Frequent meetings for ONAP Dublin Release contributors to discuss scope, requirements and development progress on Datarouter.


Community Meetings & Calendar - See for further details

Wed 9am EST: DR working session & DMaaP status meeting

Connection Details:

#dmaap No.2

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android https://zoom.us/j/987639384
One tap mobile +16699006833,,987639384# US (San Jose) +16465588656,,987639384# US (New York) 

Dial by your location         +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)         +1 646 558 8656 US (New York)         +1 855 880 1246 US Toll-free         +1 877 369 0926 US Toll-free Meeting ID: 987 639 384

Find your local number: https://zoom.us/u/aepvj958Jh

DMaaP Working Session Agenda

  • Blocking Issue (status, new?)
  • Open Issue (status, new?)
  • Project Management - Jira-based discussion of status

Issue Tracker

Open Items:


Communication to register DR Node & BC

DR node reg with BC client? - Hook is in place, values need to pass still to be determined

post install hooks, flag can be added to keep alive (if post install jobs are completed they are deleted, flag is to allow them to not be deleted)

04/24: potentially call meeting next week with Jack Lucas, when we have resolved RC0 issues

05/01: Demo done at DCAE meeting - link to be added

Jack is currently on holidays (return date - 5/5) , can we use same logic as demoed?

Wednesday meeting(5/8) to discuss this in greater detail?

5/8: Meeting with Jack postponed to 5/15

5/13: Jack not available on 5/15. Dom to meet with Jack on 5/14 to have initial discussion.

Reference wiki page: DMaaP Edge Deployment

5/15: Dom spoke with Jack. wiki page above updated. Review today.

5/22: Jira tickets for El Alto already created. Need little bit redesign and more discussion with the OOM team.

5/29: Continuation with POC.

6/5: Mike Elliott will be scheduling a meeting to further discuss. Fiachra trying core-dns plugin with rke.

6/19: had meeting with MIke Elliot before DDF. Not much progress.. reviewed what's in progress.


 RC0 moved to 5/2.

4/29: Mandar to create checklists, teams to review

5/1: Review checklist

5/3: Open Jira tickets to be looked at and either moved to El Alto or closed

5/10: WIP

5/25: Mandar to double check the remaining tickets


El alto - 3 month cycle, further details needed

no more details on this

5/22: DMaaP teams to create a high level list of items that they want to cover in El Alto and review on 6/5.

6/5: Is Jonathan going to provide a template for a init container for certificates in El Alto? This could be an item for all in El Alto. Mandar to check with Jonathan.


Global jjb vs nexus staging for El Alto - more details to follow

PTL 2019-04-29

5/01: Need to discuss for El Alto

reference wiki page: global-jjb Migration Tracker

05/13: Mandar to find if more documentation is available.

05/22: Checked with Jess. She mentioned at the moment only projects with no other dependencies are being handled. Since DMaaP has dependency on AAF, AAF has to be done first. We can start working on this once Dublin is released.

5/25: Mandar to check with Jessica if this can be kicked off.


05/22: Create the Dublin branch - decide when this can be done.

DR already branched Dublin.

dbcapi done as well

05/25: All projects branched. Closing.

Closed Items:


RC1 checklist due tomorrow

05/22: This was completed in time. Good to close.


05/13: find out info on cross company chat tool.. may be Rocketchat? - Mandar

05/22: Rocketchat for #dmaap has been setup. Good to close this item


05/08: follow up with contributors on open tickets related to sonar fixes

05/22: this should be good to be closed as most tickets were addressed earlier and couple were moved to El Alto.


05/03: MR certificate renewal in progress

05/08: Changes merged. Closing.

ClosedAllKenny Paul to discuss opensource process issues with DMaaP team

04/26: Committer status for Fiachra & Mandar

04/29: Forwarded on to Catherine, has to go through Ram


04/26: Patch into Casablanca, level of difficulty to be determined if this is a possibility

An alternative is if there is a way to get workarounds/troubleshooting into the docs

05/22: We should be good to update Casablanca documentation to document any workaround.


Managing container image tags



DR transaction logs approach

Mail sent form Dom

Just wanted to give you heads up on a change to DR made to AT&T version: transaction log archiving moved from MySQL to ELK.


  • Mysql couldn’t keep up with daily volume
  • Offload transaction archives where space can be managed independently
  • Common GUI (kabana) for examining logs
  • DR LogAPI can still interface to ElasticSearch API

I recall that you already were doing something with filebeat in the ONAP version, but I have to admit that I haven’t followed it closely.

So, perhaps you are already applying this approach to DR transaction logs?

But if not, I think we should consider the approach chosen by AT&T so that the DB is only used for provisioning data.



Data up to 24 hrs max

Solution: Create ticket to track/implement this (EL Alto) DMAAP-1188 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Security Vulnerabilities resolved immediately.

4/19: Mandar to review current status.

4/22: Mandar sent email listing vulnerabilities.  PLEASE REVIEW ASAP.

4/24: DR gerrit up for review

Jira ticket ticket for OOM - see mail from Mandar (not sure we have a vulnerability)

04/26: Seccom have closed the dmaap ticket in relation to vulnerabilites


Pairwise Testing finished by RC0  

4/19: DMaaP pairwise will be with AAF.  Certify that this was done without issues.

4/23: Need to verify components with AAF, check to see if integration project create wiki where results updated

Integration Weather Board for Dublin Release

DMaaP Pair Wise Testing for Dublin Release

04/29: BC Failing health check - integration

AAF BC ID has changed, permissions are missing in AAF


 - Back out AAF ID change


 - Johnaton to update AAF DB (helm charts not updated)

https://gerrit.onap.org/r/#/c/85369/ & use of windriver env might assist to overcome these issues for testing purpose

05/01: AAF potential issue getting through OOM review process

05/03: still waiting on merge from OOM/AAF

05/06: Dmaap-bc and dbc-client images to be released today 5/6

05/08: Closing this as all issues are addressed


DR Staging Healthcheck issues

04/10: OOM Staging Healthcheck which was failing should be ok, just waiting for that to be merged

04/15: OOM not merging stuff - Brian Freeman has listed containers with issues (staging only?)

ClosedBC, MR

CII Badging, DR at 89% silver, mail sent to BC and MR

04/15: All components over 80%

ClosedBC, DR

Casablanca release notes - only points towards MR

Randa to get back to Mandar

04/15: All is good here and merged


M4 Checklist

This is a reminder that we need to review/discuss about the M4 checklist here


  • Mandar has updated the M4 freeze doc with non-root and CSIT showing complete.
  • Need a plan to complete swagger docs before RC2. DMAAP-922 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • What other docs are a requirement for release (like readthedocs etc)?
ClosedBC, DR

Default feed/sub creation

post install - default feed and default subscription (to be reviewed at Monday call)

04/15: Dependency on AAF being up and running (if so all is good)


04/01 - Helm deploy fail when DMaaP deploy on own - only deploying bc post install

Sunil has seen timeout issue - DOM looking into how best to facilitate this

recommend to use commit shared above in https://gerrit.onap.org/r/#/c/83671/

Tested the above patch (WITH AAF ENABLED) and deployed successfully.

04/03: All is ok once tested with Patch above

if one job doesn't finish others might not run

BC will allow others to provisioning topics/feed during run time

Mirror Maker crash loop - 500 error

04/08: Issue not reproduced. If item has not been reproduced item will be closed

04/10: Bug in topic provisioner - fixed and merged

Latest jar has been tested with no issue


Anyone wishing to make changes to OOM in relation to DMaaP should discuss with DMaaP team in advance.

Similar tasks been worked on in parallel (duplication of effort) - COLLABORATION is the key

Sunil has his commit up, PM mapper guys have OOM changes



New image is needed to be released, Dom to secure via Jessica with PTL +2

03/27: image has been released.


3/18: New ask from security team. HTTP ports should not be exposed for any of the components. Only HTTPS ports should be exposed. Action for all to remove exposure of component's HTTP port by M4-Dublin

03/20: Conflicts with OOM request to have ability to disable TLS

Need Mandar to get clarity on which way to turn - seems like without a good certificate solution we are shooting ourselves in the foot - Dom to ask his security contact

3/26: clarification from Security Team:

"Dom, I had a conversation with Amy this morning on this topic. Here are some key points from our conversation.

    • TLS must be enabled by default out of the box, but can be disabled for testing purposes.
    • Any port exposed outside of a POD should be protected by default by TLS. This includes communication between PODs.
    • Communications between containers within a POD do not need to be protected by TLS. How else would ISTIO work?
    • This isn’t actually a new ask, as the issue was raised in the Casablanca and Beijing releases. It’s just become more important.

Amy, care to add anything?


3/27: DMaaP team thinks we should be compliant with this because:

  • TLS is supported by all components
  • non-TLS ports could be disabled by an OOM flag. TBD
    Mandar to follow up w TSC

03/29: Mandar to ask Amy directly

04/01: Awaiting response from Amy - Can we use the overwrite file (flag bullet point above)

is the proposal to have "non-TLS ports could be disabled by an OOM flag. TBD" by default and have overwrite file to enable it

Mandar to inquire about DMaaP ports and downstream apps that use DMaaP

04/03: still no response - mandar will inquire later

04/08 Amy from security is fine with the flag (Not required for Dublin)

flag is to be named "allow_http" set to "false" by default.

Fiarchra to created Jira and close this point.

DMAAP-1152 - Getting issue details... STATUS



03/15: All to review and report back

ARC DMaaP Component Description - Dublin

04/01: Mandar reviewed and may need clarification on one or two points
ClosedAll03/06: M3 template and discussion next Monday

03/04: Need to try and arrange a meeting with Mike Elliot and Sunil to represent from a MR point, Mandar to see if Friday is suitable -  see what happens at today's meeting

03/13: Meeting happened - operational reqs - doesn't make much sense

they will introduce Jira tickets - we will review and if we agree then we will proceed *El Alto timeframe


03/15: 55% code coverage target is for M4

03/20: code and line coverage to be > 55%

04/01: DR approx at 60%

Mandar working on code coverage for MR

04/03: DmaaP client  and BC (52%) is only outstanding concern

04/10: Dom going to work on

04/12: Overall coverage is > 55%


DR AAF Certificates expired - DR broken in Casablanca now.

Possibly generate new certs.

DMAAP-1048 - Getting issue details... STATUS

02/22: Johnaton to supply fresh ones

02/27: Certs updated and merged for Dublin & Casablanca

Need to get new artifacts released per release - mail sent to Ram/Mandar

03/01: Artifacts released - Code up and awaiting merge and release documents updates needed

03/04: Master - code needs to be merged in OOM

Casablanca - Process (Post maintenance release process to be determined) to get change into this release - 3.0.1 tag is already created - due to be discussed at PTL meeting  


Dmaap 1066 follow up to see if related - replica DB failed to come up (Closed)

Dmaap 1076

03/15: An overall ticket - to bundle all changes in together - Mandar to source ticket (power point in relation to release?)

03:18: updates from Mandar:
PPT: (TSC policy for maintenance releases)

Tickets: TSC-119 - Getting issue details... STATUS

TSC-120 - Getting issue details... STATUS (dup of 119)

All changes related to this cert expired issue should be committed before 3/25. Casablanca 3.0.2 will be released on 3/25.

03/22: awaiting for merge to solution

03/29: Bulk PM use case verified on Casablanca wind river environment

04/01: Release new image with cert of 12 month duration - working on this

04/03: Waiting on OOM review to sign off on this

04/05: Code merged in OOM.



02/15: Mail sent from Emmett - any feedback in relation to this?

Is it Mandatory or not?

Manageability as part of platform maturity requirements

Target level is 2 for Dublin - mandatory

02/27: Create EPIC -

03/11: Epic created in Jira : DMAAP-1077 - Getting issue details... STATUS

03/15: appears to be a stretch goal for existing components

04/08 Code up for review emmet to provide link

04/08: Code review for updating DR to log under a single logging system: https://gerrit.onap.org/r/#/c/78851/

04/12: DR code should be merged in early next week

04/17: Code in oom with +2 yet to be merged.

04/26: Include item 52, DR transaction log approach

05/03: No update. Possibly going into El Alto

05/13: DR completed (see 52). Tickets to be opened for BC/MR for El Alto.


02/13: Dynamic handling of feed creation/subscribing to feed

BC API has a 2 step reg processes

query on feed name

determine feed ID

add subscriber to feed ID

an enhancement: support optional feed name in the addition to subscription API

02/15: Dom to create Jira Ticket for enhancement DMAAP-1045 - Getting issue details... STATUS

02/20: this ticket, no impact on DR


02/13: Docker Hub - Paul to send on mail

02/15: PTL to create own id, Mandar has created

ONAP - discuss mail from Jessica

Need to change Docker tags - all

02/22: Gerry in talks with Sunil - might need to alter approach if fabric plugin is way forward

02/22 Gerry to stick with spofity plugin

02/27: Parent pom mightn't be possible with multi component modules - still investigating

03/01: Work ongoing

03/04: Commit up for review

03/06: verification ongoing

03/08: closing as been tracked by aplin vs ubuntu discussion with CIA team


Ability to run containers as non-root user

No more running as root on containers

Proposed Updates to Release Templates (Dublin) - Security Questions

Is it required for M2 ?

02/11 Doesn't need to be implemented by M2, nice to have for M4. (Try to plan for M4).

Here's the link to the Jira where applications are being asked to update their impact and concerns regarding this item. SECCOM-111 - Getting issue details... STATUS

02/13: Dublin timeframe - Not mandatory, if possible complete, if not have a backlog item for El Alto

Mandar to update ticket

02/15: ticket updated to work on this in El Alto - Mandar to ask reporter how do we interpret this ticket?

  created ticket in backlog

02/27: Is this related to Alpine solution - not clear

New requirement : Wanted position to be part of Dublin

03/04: Action to start investigating - how will this be verified - Mandar

03/08: krzysztof to write script to enable verifcation -mandar to chase up

"Actually the script can be merged into oneliner:

kubectl --namespace=onap get pods | tail -n +2 | awk '{print $1}' |\ xargs -d \\n -I % kubectl --namespace=onap exec '%' -- /bin/sh -c \ 'ps aux | sed "s/^/%\t/"' | tee ps-all.txt

What it does it just exec into every pod and list processes that runs as a root. In general, if you run container using docker you can use user namespaces and match a root user inside the container to any uid on the host that you want but according kubernetes doc user namespace are not supported which effectively means that if sth runs as a root inside the container it is also a root on a host (just certain capabilities may be


Best regards,


Krzysztof Opasiak"

03/13: Mail forward onto team

03/20: what is required, when is it achievable

03/29: Required by M4 (think its delayed to 11/4?)

04/01: work in progress for DR

Code is Merged for DR - https://gerrit.onap.org/r/#/c/83879/

MR - code is ready (images need to be released)

04/12 - Dom working on BC to have this functionality

04/17: Done for BC. Need to check if there are implications in oom deployment

04/24: This has been released


02/04: Discussion on Edge deployment commitments.

Centralized ONAP Deployment (DMAAP + DCAE)

DCAE k8s deployment - Epic DCAEGEN2-1152 - Getting issue details... STATUS

DFC - DCAEGEN2-1156 - Getting issue details... STATUS

PM Mapper - DCAEGEN2-1158 - Getting issue details... STATUS

DFC + Mapper instantiated at edge, central or both - dependency on DR and MR

Service provider provision topic

Work on it and review progress at M3

02/06: is there a central registry - AAI (Vijay in communication with them)

How do you retrieve edge locations? a label/name is what we need (need to be consistent with DCAE)

Secondary consideration : how do we deploy component in edge and are aware of these - managing HELM charts?

2/8: Dom started to capture approach based on ongoing meetings with OOM: DMaaP Edge Deployment

02/13: Edge Deployment group asked for page to be reviewed with their team - DOM to forward out meeting call to all

02/15: OOM meeting  - Experiment with edge, DMaaP have voluntereed to assist here 

lets wait for answer to whether or not to split out components might be solution going forward

02/20: Mike to discuss further - OOM

02/22: Mike still investigating this topic further

Fiachra to look into why DR is structured the way it is? -see 02/27

OOM losing personnel - CNI in particular to get HA K8s up and running - keep an eye on

02/27: might have a solution for this part - mariadb sub requirement under dr-prov, issue in relation to helm with regard this

OOM meeting - 3-4 to discuss further

03/01: Mike to attend on Monday

03/04: Mike is holidays week 11-12, need to ensure Conor commit gets merged

Dom & Sunil have changes to follow suit after Conor's merge

03/06: James Mckinder (OOM team) having issues - potentially - not cleaned correctly - to be discussed at OOM meeting

03/08: Code has been merged to facilitate component deployment in diff sites

release name has release and component name in them - this is causing an issue for configMap at DMAAP level 

helm install vs helm deploy work differently - potential a bug in helm deploy

  • can disable components to only deploy individual components (aids testing greatly)
  • component changes: helm variables expand are getting long, e.g. filebeat configmap for datarouter at dmapp resource level - component expands out to include component name - potentially move filebeat down into relevant level (keep all dmaap components independent - )

03/15: Dom has done some great work on post install script - plan is to get the components and discuss plan going forward

03/20: Patch set 4, awaiting a MERGE once merged Sunil has follow up changes - mirror maker

03/22: Need to confirm if BC is working after merge (aaf permissions?)

03/29: Commit up for review to resolve 03/22 issue

Dom trying to release 1.0.5 -

04/01 - Image released and updated -https://gerrit.onap.org/r/#/c/83671/ should resolve OOM issue (Code Merged)



Ubuntu vs Alpine Image footprint reduction

02/01: Adolfo Perez-Duran

The CIA team is preparing to submit contributions to DMAAP to migrate the base images to ONAP Normative Container Base Images.

This migration is expected to reduce the image footprint and to enable multi-cpu architecture support for Dublin

We expect the work to be minimally disruptive and to coordinate changes with tour team.

ubuntu v alpine the talk continues

02/13: Lots of chat on discuss chat - need it to settle down before we implement

02/20: Frank Sandoval [mailto:frank.sandoval@oamtechnologies.com] to provide an update !

02/20: Dom, Conor & Sunil to assist here

Mandar to raise at TSC to see if the right course of action

02/22: Change image &

 Impacts: Hold off - will these reduce the container footprint? -Dosen't look likely, it is more to be uniform across ONAP

1) suggested we change our Maven approach to use "fabric" plugin instead of spotify (support for this has discontinued) plugin

2) use docker file instead of POM is recommended from spotify (currently we don't use except CSIT environment)

02/27: lets pose question to frank

02/27: Alpine is the decision for Dublin

03/01: Questions mailed to Frank - awaiting response

see confluence spac

testing changes - and need to send gerrit review to Dom

03/08: Frank made changes in relation to Alpine images only

(unit test seems ok, built in jenkins - images not pushed to docker repo - investigation ongoing?

Dom to check CSIT tests,

Gerry to see if DR have similar issue)

03/13: Need to chase up with Frank in relation to jenkins build not pushing up images

new image name is bc - oom changes pending

03/15: Frank merged 4 commits today, Dom & Sunil to be put on review

03/20: Worse - images not getting pushed, old images are no longer there

CI-MGMT - where is the review? Dom to reach out

03/22: Switch to Alpine broke 2 things in BC

  • Script to install cert auth to trust store
  • Curl commands missing
    Jira number is DMAAP-1120

DR our daily builds are failing - Frank investigating

New CI - MGMT push has impacts on Casablanca jobs ( not using Alpine ) - is a bug required here? Potentially only effects DR

03/29: MR having issues, CIA team looking into

04/03: Frank from CIA team still working on this

04/08 Just waiting on MR (still working on, CIA story (there responsible)

4/19:  completed update and now testing, but not committed yet


do we need to support the previous releases - Mandar to follow up

01/30: Catherine to bring up with TSC - Upgrade tickets to Casablanca (NO is the answer for now)


Should we create a ticket - for BC to sync with MR/DR (an enhancement)

02/05: Jira created DMAAP-1021 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Swagger implementation?

01/28: Swagger is a requirement for Dublin Release (S3P requirements) ?

What are the expectations here? Whom can we discuss with? - Sofia Wallin,

01/30: Rich Bennett Mail on this - still cryptic - is it Mandatory - requirement in Platform Maturity

02/06: Dom sent mail looking for clarification - Erik has yet to respond?

02/20: Still no word

02/22: Erik to document what is required

02/27: Still nothing from Erik documented

03/01: Tom to chase Erik up

03/08: Erik to documented beginning of next (hopefully)

03/13: Attend documentation this week

03/15: read the docs vs swagger files and what are they exactly looking for

03/29: Erik has code, just needs to merge (tom to chase up)

04/12: https://logs.onap.org/production/vex-yul-ecomp-jenkins-1/doc-master-verify-rtd/4424/html/guides/onap-developer/how-to-use-docs/api-swagger-guide.html

need to create annotations for API's

04/15: JSON for DR is complete, need to figure out where it goes, potentially just a link to download

04/17: DMAAP-922 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Component Creation - Jira

01/22: Component creation in Jira for DMaaP project:

I do not posses "Project" admin rights in JIRA, I only posses DMaaP board rights

04/17: Backlog complete with prefixes per component

  • [BC]
  • [MR]
  • [DR]
  • [DMAAP] - Encapsulates all components as effected

Only outstanding thing is

  • sub-tasks
  • We need to continue to implement the prefix going forward

01/22: No permission to view security vulnerabilities in relation to


Solution in Casablanca was to get Dom/Sunil to go walk us through each vulnerability detected by CLM scan

01/23: Conor now has permission to access these scans - so no longer an issue


Windriver environment - need to inform to Stephen Gooch if we require access to these environments prior to end of week

01/28: Mandar sent mail


Remove any tagged stories/tasks in casablanca/beijing release - if important enough we can tag with Dublin

status != Closed AND status != Done AND project != "Sandbox Project" AND project != CI-Management AND project != "ONAP TSC" AND project = DMAAP and fixVersion != "Dublin Release"  ORDER BY priority DESC, updated DESC

Sunil & Bhanu to take off line for now - in relation to MR

Closed5G Use Case

Heat vs Helm? can we remove the heat discussion altogether

Tom to get back

02/13: Catherine confirmed OOM is only way forward in Dublin


Milestone 1: 17/jan

Jira Epics and user stories need to be created by this date

01/07: Bhanu to chat with PTLs to see about platform maturity

01/16: M1 Postponed by a week I think (see https://lists.onap.org/g/onap-release/topic/29128816 for further details) - new date  

To be reviewed and updated by Monday


Authentication -Tomasz to create new Jira and to cater for basic auth

AAF team to dynamically generate certificates - generic issues Tomasz to cross check with AAF team

DMAAP-865 - Getting issue details... STATUS Tomasz updated based on Sunil review
01/14:  Work to be delayed for few weeks


Issue in onap-discuss with Casablanca - DR not instantiating correctly.

Workaround posted into onap-discuss.

Investigating cause of issue

01/07: SO having similar issues with MariaDB

 - not much follow up on discuss board

01/16 : in contact with OOM team in relation to this

01/21: DMAAP-964 - Getting issue details... STATUS handling this

01/28: Integration team going to create a new ticket? - 

https://jira.onap.org/browse/DMAAP-1010 ??

02/06: Hoping OOM can assist - issue seems to happen on an AWS platform

Integration team tested against WindRiver

Sunil has seen in his local environment - He will share the link

Going forward we are going to try the timeout solution.

02/11 common mariadb-galera chart now used in oom, testing that.

02/13: Passing in OOM environment last couple of days

Will continue to monitor it to see if it can be reproduced.

02/15: Tom to mail Mike in relation to https://jenkins.onap.org/view/External%20Labs/job/lab-windriver-oom-daily/ failures

02/20: Licence Expired - Johnaton to supply new set- 1048


12/10: Helm Charts OOM location folder?

Central charts  - OOM to decide upon?

Mark Scott to investigate if answer can be given by OOM

01/07: one set of charts with variable(what is this variable) for central vs edge

01/09: What OOM Jira ticket is related to this - post clear comment OOM

01/14: While the timing of  OOM-1249 - Getting issue details... STATUS is relevant to the answer for Issue 18, 

I think  OOM-1572 - Getting issue details... STATUS gets more to the heart of the questions we have.

DOM created sub-task   OOM-1579 - Getting issue details... STATUS - any clarification/points we need addressed - we should state here


Compressed/decompressed - not a new service ? Whose impacted by this

extend provisioning API (optional parameter) -  only support gzip decompression

12/12: more value outboard the service going forward

17/12: data quality checks - trying to avoid

solution to think long term

01/14: For now, Implement as part of DR functionality whilst aligning with AT&T and to ensure it is extensible & ease of extraction


12/10: Marcin to update Node Servlet to improve logging

12/17: Marcin sent on mail and is to create Jira ticket to track changes -  DMAAP-923 - Getting issue details... STATUS


12/10: New bridge needed asap for DMaaP to open up discussions to all community

01/07: Follow up with Catherin lefevre

01/14: Kenny Paul Zoom Bridge working on it

01/16: 1 slot - available (Bhanu to update time slot)

01/21: Mon/Wed/Fri - see above logisitcs for times or Community Meetings & Calendar


12/5: Fixing code smells in advance of critical and blocking bugs - can we merge the code?

use caution!!!!! time consuming and not very productive

Bhanu to raise at PTL call to add meaningful code only

Anyone wishing to contribute must be willing to participate in call

Bhanu unavailable after 18th -

01/14: Sonar warning fixes -discussion on ONAP discuss - to be eradicated (need to be part of use case to be involved)

01/16: DMAAP-929 - Getting issue details... STATUS as a recent example


12/03: PM Mapper acknowledgment - mail from DOM (a hack - can we recommend alternative)

DR not originally designed for this functionality

12/10: New API ("Privileged") - Private
Document proposal !! Mark to send around pictorial

Whose impacted by this !

12/12: Alternative soln proposed - need to investigate and get apps on board

01/09: assumption dcae ms shall have not persistence - false assumption DCAE team

01/14: individual DCAE components have some persistence, but state/persistence across components  it will not have

Option B is the agreed plan going forward


11/28: Check with ONAP sprint timings and should we sync with that?

12/10: Tom to chase up


11/26: Confirm OOM K8s deployment strategy. Single cluster?

11/28: Single K8s cluster deployment confirmed.


DR statefulness

11/21: Reviewing requirements for statefulness of multiple components. For DR, files in transit need to persist.

11/26: Preliminary plan is to use StatefulSet in K8s.

11/28 StatefulSet with Headless service for DR in Dublin



10/20: Fiachra initiated an email thread about how Datarouter components might scale, which interfaces require TLS, and how certificates need to be managed.

10/22: Dom suggested we include kubernetes design considerations, and try to identify specific use cases to drive requirements on AAF (assumed CA capability)

10/22: Dom to document AT&T ECOMP conventions for certificates

ECOMP conventions:(assumes VM per component) for SSL certificates:

    • CN = hostname.deploymentDomain
    • SAN = serviceName.deploymentDomain (used for MR and DR Prov servers - clients reference the serviceName, which needs to be provisioned in DNS)
      ....doesn't really help us think through the problem for DR Node.

11/21: TLS solution between DR components and any clients of the API (DCAE Data File Collector, DCAE PM Mapper).

Jonathan Gathman mentions AAF Certificate Manager which is available for auto config in Casablanca. Several strategies available:- Common SAN in x509s, NFS cert store, etc.

Ramprasad Koya / Bhanu Ramesh Recommendation is to involve PTLs in Dublin planning for component security requirements.

12/10: SecCom discussing this

01/09: Tony Hansen - AAF supplier of SSL certs & AAF & Istio how the relationship between them - wait till M2

01/21: greater uncertainty in relation to istio in Dublin release? (Mike Elliot)

01/23: DCAE : At F2F in Paris - istio implemented as a sidecar - OOM don't know how to deploy using k8s

Status quo impact on DMAAP -  if istio is implemented aaf will need to alter

Mandar can u check with TSC committee? Is ISTIO a proposal or mandatory for Dublin? and if so is there any expected impacts

02/01: Not mandatory - POC in progress Istio

02/06: No Dublin Impact


11/21: How to handle registration / provisioning of a new dr-node instance to an existing and/or "edge" DR deployment.

Dominic Lunanuova recommended to use bus-controller api. Existing script in OOM BusController deploy.

Is there a k8s way to do this "registration / unregistration"?

12/5: Deploy DR node, thinking on how you register to the API of BusController -

12/12: Similar issues across ONAP teams - continue to discuss with OOM team


01/28: Mail thread in relation to this - should DR move to CADI to incorporate AAF roles (good idea!)

Sunil might run through on Fri

02/01: CADI - Steps sent onto Mariusz

Role based access will remain under AAF

02/04: DR looking into integrating AAF for provisioning via BC

02/06: Fiachra in discussions with Sunil to resolve and need to contact AAF but we already have certificates

02/11: Dom to ask Roman to attend to explain ECOMP strategy for Publisher api access. These changes could be ported back to DR code base.

02/13: Internally Romans team have done it for both prov and publish API - Roman willing to forward on the solution it back to ONAP

DR Team will implement it

02/15: Prashant - need to structure -walkthrough from very high level

02/20: Dom to track down files as per requested

02/22: All files sent - team to continue implementation

Dom to see if he can get Prashant to have chat with Fiachra

02/27: Meetings proceeded - keeping open until implementation complete

03/01: Work ongoing -

03/08: testing on windriver environment - take a call offline

03/13: Mail chain - Still blocked (Sunil to assist after call)

03/15: Issue resolved, so progress being made - mail chain

03/15 Fiachra to request port for dr-node

and Sunil to request AAF team to take snapshot of permissions/roles

03/20: blocked - cannot add prov id to dr-admin role- similar issues to meeting call last week (identity itself is missing)

(use aaf deployed within helm charts - )

What do we need to do now??? Sunil to send mail need AAF team to reset up test environment

03/22: Plan is to have this disabled by default

Can be enabled for integration testing - then whenever we satisfied we can set it to enabled by default

windriver image to be taken next week sometime!!

Impact on BC to be conveyed early next week

How to document this  - DR API and equivalent in BC API

03/25: Cadi enabled for MR by default, use same variable name across all DMaaP.

03/29: Code in for review - Plan is to have it disabled by default for this release (Ability to turn on if desired -aafID passed will dictate its on) - Impacts on Bus controller

Danger: Provisoner tries to use AAF, DR off, BC on - ?

Risk: AAF environment req'd (More stable now with ability to deploy aaf locally)

04/01: Code review in process and docs in progress ( Bc updates also reqd)

04/03: Code merged/doc up for review/OOM code not merged

4/5: Remaining work items in Jira: DMAAP-534 - Getting issue details... STATUS and DMAAP-535 - Getting issue details... STATUS



11/21: Toby: PM Mapper desires a subscriber delivery function similar to kafka consumer groups. i.e. multiple subs to same feed - only 1 gets delivery. How to implement this? (Is group attribute useful?)



11/21: Follow up on committer promotion requests: Sunil, Dom, Connor

Committer Promotion Request - Dominic Lunanuova

Committer Promotion Request - Conor Ward

Sunil Unnava Committer Promotion Request for [DMaaP]

Committer Promotion Request - Migdal Marcin

12/5: Need to make existing committers inactive

12/10: Follow up with Ram

12/12: Ram working on solution

01/07: Bhanu to follow up

01/14: Voting process - Ram to remove some old committers but still will be available

01/16: Working through some open items - Approval for some

01/21: No change in gerritt status - can we follow up on this

01/23: This might be sorted for Conor/Dom/Sunil - others have request in

01/28: Mandar to follow up with Ram

02/13: Election is complete, Mandar to follow up with TSC


11/21: Look out for email about participating in Dublin Release for M0 milestone. Bhanu to inquire w PTL team since she might be on vacation.

12/5: Bhanu to follow up and send mail to register interest in participation

12/10: Projects already involved - assumed that they want to continue


11/12: As we consider scaling, are we defining any true load testing scenarios? And what are the tools we are using?

11/26: Sunil - JMeter used as test tool.

11/28: Work ongoing for k8s scaling in Dublin.


Use of HTTPS in dev/test environments. See Fiacha's email.

"Quick question on how we are testing the DR flows.

This only applies to local deploy & test. Robot CSIT would require investigation on how to implement TLS.


At present we default to "--insecure" curl option using the "-k" flag.

Is this valid or should we be using some sort of TLS auth?


We can export the IntermediateCA from the cert chain and pass it via the "--cacert" flag for curl.

Should this be the default way of testing DR if all end users will be required to use TLS?



10/31: Dom: http is convenient for dev/test, but at least CSIT should confirm that TLS is enabled on all API endpoints.

11/21: Plan to implement TLS in csit. Investigate how DR clients are using CA certs at present.

12/10: DR working on this to date - will follow up with issue, publish upon resolution

01/23 : Code up for review to test in next few days

02/13: Code up for review - remove CSIT test from Casablanca


What is the purpose of the "groups" attribute in a subscriber?

10/22: Matt/Kim to investigate

10/24: mechanism to associate many subs to a single group. Matt to send description.

11/21: Fiachra observes that this looks more like some additional authorization method. Good to get confirmation from Matt/Kim on this.

11/28: Roman - confirms auth for sub/feed modification.


Scaled & Distributed Datarouter Solution.

10/24: Fiachra sent additional questions to OOM team on auto-scaling solution. also, OOM-8 tracking auto-scaling.

11/7: Additional considerations: spool directory persistence, stateful sets, and SSL certificates.

11/26: OOM JIRA for Geo-Rep OOM-346 - Getting issue details... STATUS

11/26: Dom to coordinate with DCAE on Edge deployment

11/28: DCAE intend to deploy at edge for Dublin but still unclear as to how.

12/03: OOM call - follow up call with Mike Elliot next Wed, Single K8 that expands multiple sites

If not deployed in edge will it be in central solely

Requirements per components (DCAE included) - need to compile list

01/07: Single k8s solve multi site - geo-diversity k8s deployment

diff solutions for prov and node

Similar problem for MR

OOM Geo-Red Active-Active via Affinity/AntiAffinity to be reviewed

01/28: Sunil to run through Demo - Friday Slot

Other Notes:

  • Thanks to the education from Team Fortress, Dom recognized the great Irish sport of hurling on an American cartoon, but still confused the name with that thing they do in Canada!
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