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This is the ongoing effort from Casablanca Release Centralized Representation and Consistent Identification of Cloud Regions In ONAP.

With this functional requirement proposal, ONAP should have centralized representation of cloud regions to facilitate the on-boarding/decommission of a cloud region into ONAP, and ONAP projects/components should adopt the same format of ID of a cloud region when referring to the same cloud region.

During Casablanca Release, part of functional requirement has been realized by several projects, including but may not limited to:

  • SO started the realization of Centralized Representation of Cloud Regions by integrating with MultiCloud
  • SDNC upgraded the API to support Consistent ID of a Cloud Region
  • MultiCloud realized the support to Consistent ID of a Cloud Region

It is expected to continue the realization of this functional requirement in Dublin Release and future releases.

Dublin Goals

Consistent ID of a Cloud Region: Enforce that all related projects to adopt the same format of ID when referring to a cloud region: Use the composite keys:  {cloud-owner}, {cloud-region-id}

Depreciate the usage of {vim-id} or sole {cloud-region-id}

More Info about how AAI represent cloud regions in Beijing Release:

    AAI REST API Documentation - Beijing;a=blob;f=aai-schema/src/main/resources/aai_swagger_html/aai_swagger_v13.html;h=4100f41e007349b4c08517690da97a5b44e8865b;hb=HEAD

cloud-region Object from AAI schema v13
cloud-region: object  
	cloud-region designates an installation of a cloud cluster or region or instantiation
	cloud-owner: string  
		Identifies the vendor and cloud name. First part of composite key should be formatted as vendor-cloudname

	cloud-region-id: string  
		Identifier used by the vendor for the region. Second part of composite key

Centralized Representation of Cloud Regions: Optimizing the integration of SO and MultiCloud to make it be a default provisioning without manual tricking or hacking scripts.

Business Requirement

By enforcing this functional requirement, ONAP users will be able to onboard a cloud region by either issuing a single curl command to AAI service, or a single click over ESR VIM registration GUI portal. The consistent ID of a cloud region will make it is easy to correlate the operations on a cloud region across the all ONAP services.


Dublin will target to realize this functional requirement across all related projects




The impact projects includes VID, SO, SDNC, OOF, UUI, VFC, APPC

Project Commitments






SO-1137 - Add cloud owner support to SDNC interface Closed

APPCTakamune Cho


APP-C evidence for Consistent ID of Cloud Region




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  1. More Info about how AAI represent cloud regions in Beijing Release:

    Why is this page referring to the AAI Beijing Release instead of the AAI Casablanca Release?

    Note that the generated HTML REST API doc is no longer committed to the repository because it became too large. However, the released version can be browsed from the Nexus repository JAR files:!/onap/aai_swagger_html/aai_swagger_v14.html

    Should there be an AAI impact on this page James Forsyth?

    1. This depends on the AAI schema which has been there since Beijing Release (and even earlier) , so there is no changes/impact to AAI from this perspective. v13 is the schema which has been used, though v14 can be used, but I don't think it is necessary to always track the latest version of AAI schema with the assumption that the backward compatibility being maintained well by AAI proejct.

  2. Can you refer to the changes in Casablanca to add CloudOwner to the SO - SDNC interface ( SO-1137 - Getting issue details... STATUS )  - not sure if there are other changes that were done as part of the TSC approved API changes to clean up some of the  CloudOwner and  regionId attributes ?

    1. Thanks Brian for sharing this information. I marked SDNC status as completed but leave it for further update in case that SDNC team find out some other changes is needed .