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T002Tosca vCPE VNFs100%


ONAP Installation



Windriver VIM Registration


AAI-1920 - Getting issue details... STATUS

ESR doesn't support domain name in vnfm registration GUI, currently we just use the IP address to register

T102Create Flavor100%
T103Upload Image to Windriver100%
T104Validate CPE Image in Windriver100%
T201vCPE VNFs Onboarding100%
T202vCPE Service Design100%
T203vCPE VNF and Service distribution100%

SDC-1900 - Getting issue details... STATUS

'artifacts' definition is missing in the exported csar's VDU node ,because SDC postpone this to Dublin release, we only use the workaroud way to handle it


VF-C Tosca parser


SDC-1897 - Getting issue details... STATUS (Will be fixed at Dublin)

VFC could ignore that error. To ignore that error, we need either apply the patch at https://jira.opnfv.org/browse/PARSER-187 locally in nfv-toscaparser which VFC uses or wait for nfv-toscaparser got that fixed.

The output vnf package from SDC is not ETSI alignment, we just use the standard package under Artifact/Deployment/OTHERS directory

VF-C would like SDC can support export ETSI standard VNF and NS package


vCPE Service Creation


One simple Service with simple vCPE vnf has been created successfully

MULTICLOUD-405 - Getting issue details... STATUS

MULTICLOUD-404 - Getting issue details... STATUS

VFC-1188 - Getting issue details... STATUS

MULTICLOUD-407 - Getting issue details... STATUS

VFC-1193 - Getting issue details... STATUS

SO-1235 - Getting issue details... STATUS

when updating the SO images in vCPE env.  And the error is the same

Because SO can't work now , we use UUI to trigger the NS lifecycle management

SO-1239 - Getting issue details... STATUS

vCPE service with five vCPE vnfs have been created successfully


vCPE Service Termination


One simple Service with simple vCPE vnf has been terminated successfully

vCPE Service with five vCPE vnfs have been terminated successfully

T304vCPE VNF heal100%VNF Heal success
T305HPA Verification100%SRIOV-NIC and base capabilities had been registered
T306HPA policy100%optional
T307OOF compare100%

OPTFRA-401 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  1. package onboarding 
    VNF Packages:
    NS Packages:
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