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TODO (adjust formatting)

  • Finalize dublin scope
  • Rreturn to clean up of JIRA board for both logging and oom (elk common charts)
  • revisit poc code to prep for refocus on portal/sdk
  • revisit/write up Dublin logging specification - in concert with portal based implementation focus
  • The OOM Kubernetes stack was upgraded on the 29th - Rancher 1.6.22, Kubernetes 1.11.2 from 1.10.3  - will send out onap-discuss upgrade mail
    • TSC-46 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • paste prometheus dashboard initiative that includes logging - from OOM
  • Q) verify arch coverage of our scope (montreal 30th and ?)
  • spec discussion (continue with eelf, add marker/mdc gradually - need to implement 1.2.2 in dublin, 1.4.0 will be for the E release)
  • Dublin discussion 
    • with Dave Williamson  and Sanjay Agraharam - Dave has been with the project since the beginning - before ONAP 1.0 in May 2017 and Sanjay and his team have been critical since Jan 8 2018
    • Lean towards a core spec - with extensions for acumos/ecomp - 1 or more baseline components done
  • security- need to revisit searchguard -  LOG-494 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • 6.x upgrade issue 
  • revistit aai/logstash issue -  LOG-376 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Dave's cluster check for -  LOG-666 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • fix up the 2 libraries for the 29 field spec
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