Recorded Session 2018-12-05


James Forsyth

Venkata Harish Kajur

Manisha Aggarwal

Benjamin Cheung

Keong Lim

Ondrej Frindrich

Colin Burns

Gabriel Sanchez

Tian Lee

Francis Paquette

Pavel Paroulek

Andrei Chekalin

Amit Sinha

Steven Blimkie


Manoj Nair

Anh Le

Shirley Morgan


Virtual F2F Dec 10-12
ONAP Project Developers Event, Dec 10 - 12, 2018, (Virtual Webinars) - Wednesday's call (12 Dec) will be superceded by the Dublin Architecture Review at the VF2F. The weekly dev call will be as scheduled on 13 Dec.

Casablanca Maintenance ReleaseJames Forsyth

The casablanca branch is open for CMR code reviews. Discuss what will be included in the CMR.

Release artifacts need to be available 10 Jan 2019

James Forsyth send note to OOM team to see which branch they are accepting changes for CMR - Update: according to Mike Elliot CMR changes go to the OOM 'casablanca' branch and master is open for Dublin updates.

Suggestion from today's meeting: Installation and Developer Setup page - linking the latest out to the wiki and then copy at release time.

ESR Nexus IQ Vulnerabilities
Since we can't be sure about the status of the ESR vulnerabilities, we will publish that the application is vulnerable to all of them.

MSB Configs

AAI-1964 - Getting issue details... STATUS

AAI-1965 - Getting issue details... STATUS

AAI-1966 - Getting issue details... STATUS

CSIT Test Cases

Need to maintain these for Dublin, and expand to include things like MSB integration. Establish a working group to develop CSIT test cases for Dublin and document them on the wiki. James Forsyth will create the page and solicit ideas.

Container sizing

AAI-1940 - Getting issue details... STATUS

CCVPN schema changes

28th Nov: Updated priority on AAI-1923 - Problem deleting due to EdgeRules in CCVPN usecase Casablanca Submitted

Confirmed release of AAI-1925 - Fix EdgeRules for Casablanca Closed


Identify component owner and disposition for casablanca

Component owner: Amdocs. Spike takes messages from Champ and populates in topics.

James Forsyth to release Spike.

Casablanca Release Status

Casablanca Release Integration Testing Status - if you submit documentation between now and RC2 on 27 Nov please include Sofia Wallin in the list of reviewers on the gerrit review.

Lab support

To assist with monitoring JIRA, suggest subscribing to this filter:, which does pick up AAI-1913 - AAI queries not working in SB-06 Open as discussed. Also sent a message to onap-discuss to ask if JIRA Notification Scheme and new email list could be setup as well.

Status of History Backend
There is a document which shows us as delivering the history backend in Casablanca - need to discuss if we are providing an accurate picture of what's available in Casablanca.

Hbase to Cassandra migration

Bell Canada has a requirement to migrate their A&AI Graph DB backend from HBase to Cassandra.

We are enabling this effort.

We have been investigating GraphAdmin code in ONAP, which seems to support the framework.

We would like to make enhancements to this framework and contribute to ONAP.

The initial enhancements we would like to accomplish are:

  • Provide option to the end-user to select FROM and TO Version
    • The current code doesn’t have this option
  • Support schema migration to V14
    • Current support exists for V11->V13

Our goals:

  • AAI backend upgrade from HBase to Cassandra (V11 to V14)
  • Seamless upgrade and rollback of AAI DB

Recording 13th November DBmigration.mp4

AAI GraphGraph
5minAAI UI documentation or user guide

Recently updated AAI Graphical User Interface due to colleagues wanting to use the AAI UI.

Is there a more comprehensive and authoritative documentation or user guide for AAI UI?

The main issue is that it is not clear how to get started - Francis Paquette will look at what's on the readthedocs site, I think we need to port what Keong has put in the wiki to the main docs repo at a minimum.

AAI-1268 - [sparky] Platform Maturity - Usability In Progress

CII Badging

Fill out CII Silver Badging Template. We have not committed to a silver badge, but the community wants us to fill it out to the best of our ability.

Dublin 5G Use Case

Dublin AAI changes in support of 5g use cases.

Link for presentation: 5G - PNF Plug and Play (Casablanca carry-over items)

29 Nov: 

Schema Service

Discuss about the Schema Microservice

11th Oct: Use Cases for Dynamic AAI Schema Changes

Support for 2 OOM deployment types

Motivation: Decrease the resource footprint for A&AI (ONAP) deployments

Idea: we could support 2 different deployments 1. full (normal) deployment and 2. barebones deployment. The point of the "barebone" deployment would be to deploy only the essential services necessary for proper functioning of A&AI (leaving out services like cacher, sparky, graphadmin, having 1 cassandra node instead of 3 or 5 etc).

In order to reduce hardware/cloud costs (mainly the memory footprint) it could be beneficial to support a minimalistic A&AI deployment.

5G PNF Software upgrade

We have a 5G related functionality in Change management, 5G PNF Software upgrade.

Right now, PNF software version is modeled and accepted in SDC, and also approved in Modeling subcommittee and TSC. (Modeling report)

We are not familiar with A&AI. The target of this functionality is to  update PNF Sw version when upgrade completion with specified pnfid. Could you and your team give us some help on this?

1)      Is there any available  APIs provided by AAI for this? 

2)      If yes, can you give me some details on it. If not, could you and AAI team provide support in Casablanca? We would like to provide contributions if needed.

Update  01 Aug: yaoguang wang to follow-up with SDC team and send conclusion results to James Forsyth

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