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Carry overA&AI Platform Evolution ItemsJames Forsyth
Schema Change PNFid:

AAI-2148 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Carry OverBBS U/C platform evolution & A&AI Schema change

Platform evolution for PNF Re-Registration & Attachment Point Id

AAI-2151 - Getting issue details... STATUS

(Resolved with BBS U/C, it will use an Edge to Logical Link instead of a A&AI Schema change)

Plug and Play Wiki needs to be updated. Update PnP-6230 Tim Carey

Carry OverController to NF AssociationBenjamin Cheung

Platform Evolution for Controller to NF Association.

Will create a new Use Case in R5 El Alto for this.

Carry OverPNF Software Upgrade Use Case (Scope Change)

Huawei is now moving the PNF Software Upgrade forward with a new scope change. Based on Ansible.

For R5 El Alto will also support NetConf.

Created new Jira tickets in SDN-C. PTL Ajay has committed. R4 page updated. M2: API, Req, Integration. Roll-back testing. Reuse of Casablanca Tests.

Carry OverPlatform Evolution for Data Persistency

MariaDB and platform evolution for run-time persistent configuration information. Used in the OOF/PCI U/C. DCAE Post-gress DB. Primary inventory in A&AI. Base another database off of that. ConfigDB doesn't publish updates. PCI U/C if SDN-R knows of a config change it updates. SDN-R publishes changes on DMaaP.

Network Maps & Topology & History. Timestamp.

Controllers keeping state of network.

(New)Firewall U/C carry-over to R4


I opened epic AAI-2194 - Getting issue details... STATUS to start tracking the SOL 005 Fw U/C

Support ETSI NFV-SOL 005 (Os-Ma-Nfvo ref point ) between SO & VF-C/NFVO

From SO PoV Implementing SOL005 new API. from R3 U/C UI. create network svc from SO and call VF-C. Not part of SOL005). In R4 introduce SOL005 API between SO & VF-C. Register VNF no way to register NFVO and store in ESR/AAI to registrer NFVO.

VFC/SOL005 Adapter there in R3 but API calls not API. talks to VF-C alone. Changes. Rearranging things in VF-adaptor. Changing Client Libraries. Functionality is the same.

UUI to call SOL5 NB API.

30 minScaling Use Case OverviewScott Blandford
Mar 6, 2019FM Meta-Data GUI display

SDC-2094 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Mar 6, 2019

PM Dictionary Schema GUI display

SDC-2095 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Use Case & Cross U/C Interaction Spreadsheet


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