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James Forsyth

CT Paterson

Giulio Graziani

Venkata Harish Kajur

William LaMont

Francis Paquette

Keong Lim

Tian Lee

Manisha Aggarwal

Reneal Rogers

Benjamin Cheung


Global JJB Status

Global JJB transition Complete!

Vetting DSL QueriesWill discuss strategies AAI will employ to protect itself from rogue queries. 
AAI HistoryPhilip BlackwoodDiscuss and review Scenarios for using historical inventory and topology
Casablanca to Dublin MigrationAnkit Bhatt

3rd July: raised AAI-2507 - Getting issue details... STATUS based on Ankit's analysis that found the change in EdgeRules.

Build stylesWe have too many ways to build and deploy artifacts, which makes it difficult and time-consuming.  Some of our artifacts are not backward compatible and we need to move everything up to released versions.
Alternative meeting system

Just in case Zoom problems continue, try this instead:

New UI Features / Historical Tracking

The AT&T team has done an exciting POC at a sprint-a-thon event that they would like to share with the community.

ATT wants to contribute additional UI views to ONAP, want to discuss path forward

New support ticketing for LF

Dublin IssueReneal Rogers

sparky-be expired certificate - status

Dublin Issue

PORTAL-596 - Getting issue details... STATUS  - In future, AAI team needs to open Jira bugs against systems that are misconfigured or missing data when we become aware of the issue.

Global JJB

Sonatype's maven-staging-plugin will be disabled and we need to implement new LF jenkins jobs before mid-July

global-jjb Migration Tracker

Repos and do they use oparent:
./model-loader/pom.xml true ./graphgraph/pom.xml false ./graphadmin/pom.xml true ./esr-server/pom.xml true ./sparky-be/pom.xml true ./rest-client/pom.xml true ./aai-common/pom.xml true ./data-router/pom.xml false ./chameleon/pom.xml false ./sparky-fe/pom.xml false ./event-client/pom.xml true ./gallifrey/pom.xml false ./resources/pom.xml true ./router-core/pom.xml true ./gizmo/pom.xml true ./logging-service/pom.xml true ./babel/pom.xml true ./champ/pom.xml true ./traversal/pom.xml true ./spike/pom.xml true ./esr-gui/pom.xml true ./search-data-service/pom.xml false ./cacher/pom.xml true ./schema-service/pom.xml true ./validation/pom.xml true
Dublin Blockers

AAI-2406 - Getting issue details... STATUS

AAI-2411 - Getting issue details... STATUS

AAI-2402 - Getting issue details... STATUS

El Alto ReviewJames Forsyth

JIRA Epic/Story count: Getting issues...

El Alto StatusJames Forsyth
  • No 2 way TLS in Dublin; James Forsyth will socialize early in El Alto, Due
  • pnf-id change pushed to El Alto during Architecture review AAI R4 Architecture Review - 5 Mar 2019
  • API version update for El Alto should be co-ordinated for earlier in the cycle
    • needs a checklist of things to be updated, including yang classes AAI-2351 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Selenium Tests in SparkyArul Nambi

Want to share in the community potential selenium changes for the sparky UI

(bumped up, is it still relevant?)

AAI achitecture documentation

Understanding the architecture of AAI is not easy - hard to understand how the code is laid out and how things flow. Need documention which will describe how the microservices are connected, which repos support which functions, etc. Pavel Paroulek says that he had to reverse engineer the dependencies to see how the repos are connected. Recommended to focus on the resources repo for understanding the core function of AAI.

(bumped up, is it still relevant?)

Run AAI containers as non-root user

  • The Docker and Kubernetes engines may run as root until such time as the products support non-root execution.
  • Applications may run as root within a container.
  • The process ID of a container must not run as the root ID with the exception of containers supporting ONAP features that require the container to run as the root ID.
  • Containers may run with root privileges.
  • Project containers that run as the root ID must document this in the release notes along with the functionality that requires the container to run as the root ID.

AAI-2172 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Container Images

Container Image Minimization Guidelines

James Forsyth will ask integration team if we can use the AAI tenant space in windriver environment

Bug Review

JIRA Issue Count (in AAI project): Getting issues...

JIRA Issue Count (talking about AAI): Getting issues...

Dublin branching

Dublin artifacts are released and jjb jobs are updated to drop casablanca jobs and replace with dublin

We will change the sonar and clm jobs to use the dublin branch

  • James Forsyth will see how other teams manage merging release bug/security/late feature change back to master
Gerrit Review
Sonar Review
Jenkins CLM Review
Status of ARC documentation

When is this going to be finished ARC AAI Component Description - Dublin ?

Note: I have no idea what it is, I just was asked to inquire

Dublin Status 1James Forsyth
  • Encourage our clients to migrate off named query
  • Trying for Silver badge and Level 2 on Security; 50% code coverage on repos
  • Resiliency and fault tolerance; meeting notice never published,
  • CSIT on OOM needs to cover more of the services
Dublin Status 3James Forsyth
  • Volumed run-time generated certificates are possible
  • James Forsyth will open Jira tickets to update the keystores in the master branches of the mS that use https

  • Arul Nambi will do sparky-be, search-data-service, data-router, logging-service, router-core

  • GraphGraph is coming, depends on expanding schema-service API
  • RestClient updates are potentially being contributed by community members
Code Coverage StatusJames Forsyth
  • code coverage to 55% for Dublin AAI-2219 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Champ slipped below 55% with latest commit.

  • Tian Lee will do babel, model-loader, champ, gizmo, event-client, spike, rest-client, validation
  • Arul Nambi will do sparky-be, search-data-service, data-router, logging-service, router-core
  • James Forsyth create ticket for El Alto for sparky, rolling back because of sonar failure
  • Venkata Harish Kajur will check aai-common, resources, traversal, graphadmin, cacher, schema-service (which probably already have the setting)
  • Add thresholds to all repos that are above 55% so it doesn't happen again
  • For setting the threshold on each repo, set it to the current percentage, so if it's is at 62.7%, set the threshold to 0.62
  •  <jacoco.line.coverage.limit>0.68</jacoco.line.coverage.limit>

    Sonar job for Dublin has been changed to using line coverage.

                                    <!--  implementation is needed only for Maven 2  -->
                                    <rule implementation="org.jacoco.maven.RuleConfiguration">
                                            <limit implementation="">

Open Action Items

  • James Forsyth Document nodes wiki and add explanation about presence of the v15 file. Should add v14-v15 changes to release notes.
  • James Forsyth will see how other teams manage merging release bug/security/late feature change back to master for Dublin release.

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