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1) We need a repo strategy 

  a) No new repos

  b) Existing empty repos should be locked (gap, eis, tabular-data-service, gap, etc) - Giulio Graziani please comment if there is an immediate plan to contribute into those repos

James Forsyth: At this time, there are no immediate plans to contribute these.

  c) Consolidating existing repos - probably not

2) We need a maintenance strategy

3) We need a versioning strategy

   a) Parent POM just for AAI that sets versions for common dependencies (including aai-common deps).  Inherits oparent, and inherited by all components

4) We need responsible parties for each repo / component

5) Strategy for oparent dependency management

2ui_view role in AAF


AAI-2475 - Getting issue details... STATUS

AAF-986 - Getting issue details... STATUS

3 AAI Impact in R6 - MDONS Use Case Xin Miao



 Introduce MDONS Use Case  Multi-domain Optical Network Services

  and its impact on AAI in Frankfort AAI MDONS Proposal for Frankfort Release

AAI-2623 - Getting issue details... STATUS

4AAF autocert





  • restclient should support reading AAF passwords
  • AAF should expose passwords in .password file
  • needs to be updated 

The above is also mentioned in the gerrit comments

5No free nodeports in the 302XX range



The aai-oom template forces all aai components to use 302XX port range, but it seems that this range is fully allocated OOM NodePort List (except 2 instances where the port allocation is striked through - not sure what that means).

We should discuss how to enable aai components nodeport allocation in aai-oom or circumvent nodeport usage via HAproxy (as suggested by Venkata Harish Kajur).

AAI-2624 - Getting issue details... STATUS

6Schema validation tool


7Helm Chart Common Templates


OOM-1936 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Use of common templates in the helm charts and have it driven from the values.yaml since all the helm charts are identical except the following things such as volumes, volume mounts, ConfigMap and secrets.

The goal is to extract all that information in the values.yaml file and use common templates to enable more consistency.

In each of the individual helm charts, we have a filebeat sidecar container, when creating a new helm chart, they just have to say if their chart should enable it or not in the values.yaml.

8AAI Use Cases

92 Types of logging in A&AI WS


1st Nov 2018

There are 2 types of logging in the services

  • one read from EELFManager
  • the other Logger log = Logger.getLogger( ...

Is that correct? Shouldn't there be just 1 type?

1st Nov:

After Casablanca release investigate logging guidelines and figure out what library to use in order to unify logging within A&AI

26th Nov: See also ONAP Application Logging Specification - Post Dublin

29th Nov: how does this fit with LOG-877 - Getting issue details... STATUS ?

28th May: Stela Stoykova is fixing AAI-2462 - Getting issue details... STATUS . Are there more that should be done for El Alto?

  • Pavel Paroulek reach out to the logging enhancement team and ask if there is a ONAP-wide logging system which we should use as the A&AI microservicese use at least 2 different approaches  
10Return codes and messages for WS


25th Apr 2019

Is there a guide for the description of the error message and the error codes? How are new error states (message + code) added?

  • William LaMont will send James Forsyth the output of a script that formats the file to make a wiki page and readthedocs
  • James Forsyth should commit that script and create a wiki for the error properties

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  1. I try to access A&AI UI from portal but failed. It shows that " deny our access request".

    The branch of the portal I deployed is Dublin.

    The version of aai-sparkybe I used is 1.4.0. 

    I think I didn't get the right version of A&AI images. I check the Dublin repositories ( but fail to find the information about A&AI. 

    Could anyone help me with this? ThX