CCSDK Changes are highlighted below on the following table:


Impact Description


dmaap-listener under ccsdk-sli-northbound package

New SDNC-SO Consumer class

•A new SDNC-SO consumer class to be written to get notifications from SO and perform validation logic and invoke RPCs for Service Creation and Deletion.


New table in SDNC DB

•A new table to be created in DB to store request details.

ccsdk/sli/adaptors - PublisherApiImpl Class

Reuse existing adaptor

•Existing class/adaptor can be used to publish notifications with success or failure response back to SO.


New Package - RPCs and timer logic

•A new package to be created to write RPCs for OpenROADM Service Creation/Deletion and T-API Service Creation/Deletion.



Reuse rest-api-call-node adaptor to invoke External Controllers

•rest-api-call-node will be used in DG to invoke External controller to send Request for Service creation or Deletion.

generic-resource-api - 

messagerouter- publisher

Reuse existing adaptor – To be used from DG

•Existing class/adaptor will be used to publish callback sync/async notifications back to SO via DG.

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