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The following shows the Release 6 Frankfurt use case GROUPS & the links & descriptions to individual use cases:

PNF SUPPORTUse cases focused on support for Physical Network Functions (PNF) managed and interacting with ONAPGeneral PNF Support Use Cases
5G USE CASESA group of Use Cases focused on Wireless RAN Domain applied to 5th Generation (5G) networks, including PCI/SON, Network Slicing, PM/FM Support in 5G DU PNFs5G Use Cases in R6 Frankfurt

The following shows the Release 6 Frankfurt proposed individual use cases & their description:

BROADBAND SERVICEBroadBand Service (BBS) Use Case extensions in R6 for HSIA Service Assurance and HSIA Subscription Plan managementBBS in R5 El Alto
CCVPNProvide an end to end VPN service which includes features like cross operators, cross domain(different OTN domains) and cross layer(Layer 2 and Layer 3) for SMB companies. CCVPN Use Case in Frankfurt Release
CHANGE MANAGEMENTChange Management functions including VNF S/W upgrade W/F, Traffic Distribution W/F, VNF-C level software upgrade, Change management schedule optimization, PNF Software upgrade, and Cloud-layer software upgrade.

Change Management Frankfurt Extensions

CONTROL LOOP Control Loops in ONAP to manage incoming events and trigger associated policies Control Loop Backlog
End-to-End Service Creation (IoT) ONAP for facilitation. Atul Purohit  (move out of 5G?). Present at the U/C realization on June 19th 2019

DAaSDistributed Analytics as a Service (Edge Automation) U/C ensures that metric/log collection, correlation & analysis are performed closer to the data. Analytics can be infrastructure analytics, VNF analytics or application analytics. Continuation "Distributed Analytics as a Service"
DOMAIN MANAGERThird Party Operational Domain Manager, A standards-based approach that supports third party service management

Third-party Operational Domain Manager

HPAHPA (using OOF) ensures VNF instances are placed in cloud regions that have platform capabilities as expected by VNF workloads. e.g. a VNF requires XYZ vendor SRIOV-NIC and ABC vendor crypto accelerator, HPA ensures the VNF is placed in a cloud with those resources.Continuation of HPA
K8S CLOUD REGIONKubernetes Cloud Region support U/C enables support for deploying Virtualized and Containerized networking workloads in Kubernetes based Cloud regions through MultiCloud/k8s pluginContinuation of "K8S based Cloud region support"

Licensing Management with ONAP and xNFs. Define license management principles wrt. the key use cases. This will evolve beyond 5G but may start as a 5G U/C.

OPTICAL SERVICE (L0/L1) ORCHESTRATIONOptical Service Orchestration U/C provides end-to-end multi-operator L1 services orchestrated by ONAP across multiple optical transport domainsOptical Service(L0/L1) Orchestration



Enhanced Management and Operation for Mobile Service Chaining. (Intel, CMCC)

Service Selection; Specifying Services, Describing Services (Orange). How much is OSS vs ONAP.

KDDI (removed)

RUN-TIME SECURITYA Proof of Concept (PoC) for Run-Time Security functions including

Secure communication to outside entities, Secure communication among the micro services and User-authentication via tokens 

Run time Security 
Provide the capability to define&instantiate service, in a model-driven approach, selecting service deployment flavor based on rules.Service Resolver
Scaling maximizes resource utilization In a virtualized cloud infrastructure. With software controlled virtualized resources, ONAP allocates resources to a VNF on deman. Scaling changes and allocates the amount of resources allocated to a VNF

Scaling Use Case (Frankfurt)

Scaling Roadmap (Frankfurt)


The following table has links & descriptions for the Use Case Realization calls.



Controller LCM API EvolutionUse Case Realization Call: April 10, 2019


U/C Realization DiscussionUse Case Realization Call: April 17, 2019


Arch POB/OB FlowUse Case Realization Call: April 24, 2019


A&AI Graph Graph VisualizerUse Case Realization Call: May 1, 2019


A&AI Model Browser DemoUse Case Realization Call: May 8, 2019


A&AI Sparky (Run-time browser) DemoUse Case Realization Call: May 15, 2019


Edge Automation OverviewUse Case Realization Call: May 22, 2019


Model, U/C, Arch WoW DiscussionUse Case Realization Call: May 29, 2019


U/C discussionUse Case Realization Call: June 5, 2019


IoT CreationUse Case Realization Call: June 19, 2019


PNF S/W UpgradeUse Case Realization Call: July 10, 2019


U/C discussionsUse Case Realization Call: July 17, 2019


OOF PCI Demo (Shankar)Use Case Realization Call: July 24, 2019


U/C discussionsUse Case Realization Call: July 31, 2019


5G NRM (YaoGuang Wang)Use Case Realization Call: August 7, 2019


ORAN/3GPP & ONAP Alignment (Marge, Vimal)Use Case Realization Call: August 14, 2019


Modeling S/C MeetingUse Case Realization Call: August 21, 2019


Licensing Management Use Case Discussion & OverviewUse Case Realization Call: September 4, 2019


SDC Use Case Impacts for R6 w/ Ofir SonsinoUse Case Realization Call: September 11, 2019


Preparing Slides for Antwerp ConferenceUse Case Realization Call: September 18, 2019


A&AI Use Case Impacts for R6 w/ Jimmy ForsythUse Case Realization Call: September 25, 2019


DCAE Use Case Impacts for R6 w/ Vijay KumarUse Case Realization Call: October 2, 2019


Preparing for R6 M1 Deadline and continuation of A&AI R6 Impacts discussionUse Case Realization Call: October 9, 2019


Discussion of ORAN Plugfest and ONAP DemoUse Case Realization Call: October 16, 2019


RunTime Config DB Overview & Technical Discussion


OOF Use Case Impacts for R6 w/ Shankar PN


SO Use Case Impact for R6 w/ Seshu


Discussion of ORAN Plugfest and ONAP Demo



(No Meeting)(No Meeting)


Business Driver Template Wiki: Business Driver Template for Use Cases

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