Requirements Subcommittee Members

The Requirements subcommittee is responsible for bringing functional and non-functional requirements required for ONAP releases. It will be used as an input for developing functional architecture and detailed software architecture per release. 

The mission of the Requirements Subcommittee is:

      • Act as the ONAP Product Owners 
      • Recommend Prioritization to the TSC
      • Create the consolidated ONAP Backlog coming from the different streamlines (outside/internal + EAUG)
      • Act as TCC (Technical Community Coordinator) for 5G and Edge topics

The Requirements subcommittee will not make decisions regarding Release’s functional architecture or internal functioning of projects or different modules. It is a support group for the TSC Chair and the TSC. The Requirements subcommittee is advisory by nature, and not authoritative. It may provide advice to projects and to the TSC and TSC’s Architecture subcommittee. The Requirements subcommittee operates on a rough consensus basis.  If the subcommittee is unable to reach consensus on what requirement to offer, the subcommittee will refer the matter to the TSC.

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Mailing list Moderators

Alla Goldner

Membership List


The Requirements subcommittee is open to all interested participants, and all meetings are open. Requirements subcommittee is contribution-driven.

  • People can sign up for slots on the agenda
  • We will request people to develop proposals/presentations to discuss during meetings and via email


The Requirements subcommittee will develop and maintain functional and non-functional descriptions and any related explanatory material for ONAP releases by the Template to be fulfilled per each requirement .

Midway through a release, the Requirements subcommittee will provide its proposal for the requirements to be supported for the next release, including prioritization proposal for the submitted requirements. For achieving this, requirements subcommittee will work closely with the EUAG and create a consolidated priorities list.


Functional requirement - ONAP platform functional enrichment, enabling to build a different e2e use cases.

e2e use case - a new e2e functionality enriching ONAP platform, comprising of a different functional requirements. It can be tested e2e.


  • Requirements proposals are presented by the requirements owners
    • This will include requirements coming from Modelling, Seccom, Closed Loop subcommittees 
  • EUAG priorities are presented by EUAG
  • Based on all submitted requirements and priorities discussions, the Requirements subcommittee will create a priorities proposal for the upcoming release and present it to the TSC for discussion and approval as a scope of the next upcoming Release

Meeting logistics

Mailing List

Meeting Information

Bi-weekly Monday - 2 PM UTC

Topics for discussion:

  1. Functional requirements proposed for Release X
  2. Non-functional requirements proposed for Release X
  3. Input from EUAG
  4. Overall prioritization proposal for the TSC
  5. Conferences Preparation, Reports, Review & Discussion
  6. Requirements status reports

This would be done under assumption that a detailed architecture work over flow definition and different modules functional split is done by the architecture subcommittee.


  1. CONFERENCES – Discussion about Preparation and review of topics and presentations and logistics. Then after the conference discussion of Reports, Readouts, Review, and Retrospectives.

Requirements subcommittee meeting minutes

Additionally, an optional usecase realization meetings information can be found under Use Case Realization Meeting Register MoM. The following topics are being discussed there typically: cross-dependencies, requirements documentation, coordination with PTLs, some specifics of SDO/open source collaboration e.g. ORAN etc.


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