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12 Sonar ServersWilliam ReehilPending6/16What are we doing about the deprecated sonar server, should we redirect the old url to the new url? Ask this on PTL call
2Contributing+To+AAI+By+Assisting+with+Sonar+ReportsWilliam ReehilCompleted6/16Update wiki page for sonar and contact information
3Self Repo creationWilliam ReehilPending6/16

Link for self repo creation:

William/Jimmy will look into this for creating the new sparky extensions repository

4Certificates (Who Owns Updating?)

6/16Ideally when container starts certs should be generated and mounted. (Need to define the approach and how to get it implemented) Amdocs used to handle the certificates for their contributed microservices, which they no longer support. 
5RisksWilliam ReehilPending6/16

Need to raise potential risks due to resource constraints on Guilin release on some non-functional requirements Guilin release - non-functional requirements proposed list

Create tickets for G release off of


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epics for A&AI impacted areas, assign resources if available, raise risks if not

Open questions on  REQ-361 - Getting issue details... STATUS