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Monday[sdc] Team ONAP4, Mon UTC 11:00 / China 19:00 / Eastern 6:00 / Pacific 03:0091998850070

US: +16699006833,,826152979# or +16465588656,,826152979# Or Telephone: US: +1 669 900 6833 or +1 646 558 8656 or +1 877 369 0926 (Toll Free) or +1 855 880 1246 (Toll Free) Meeting ID: 826 152 979 International numbers available:

Meeting Attendees

Agenda & Minutes

Review open action items from last week

AgendaMinutes (Draft to be updated during call)

JIRA Updates

  • High priority defects
  • Open Reviews
  • Defects & tasks backlog
  • Others

High priority defects for Guilin:


T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due

  • WF-D integration is broken - SB-00  SDC-3181 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Amir started debug but cannot find root cause for now
  • SDC-3097 - Getting issue details... STATUS delivered, re assigned to reporter for closure

Open Reviews :

Defect & Tasks Backlog :


T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due


  • Use the AID (Architecture integration documentSDC Data model also for new comers

→ planning a review of old tickets in Aug to put them to close if no activity > 90days


Welcome Amir and Ashish!

Ashish working on SDC CSIT UI testing using new Robot :

Amir posted new review for upgrading log4j (part of Seccom req to update deps) : (remove WIP)

a new one has been posted for another dep upgrade

  • Decomission DCAE-DS as replaced by DCAE-MOD, planning to put all repo there read only and make helm chart optional

Python upgrade from 2.7 to 3.8 in Guilin release

Discussion with Pawel Pawlak Michał Jagiełło

Tasks status :

  • Import Normative script -  user-7f92d  submitted, waiting for review. Added retry mechanism to avoid failures.
    • Upgrade normatives - review this flow offline   → Can this be closed ?
  • Tosca-lab ( - deprecated DCAE-MOD project replaces DCAE-DS
  • backend-init scripts: consumers, users, health - submitted, waiting for review → can be closed ?
  • cs-init scripts → Can this be closed ?
  • Different UIs npm packages that could use Python - Ilana: supports Python 3 already according to docs
  • sdc_base-python upgraded

SDC-3094 - Getting issue details... STATUS

still in progress, any update ?

Can probably be closed, Chris to Check

Guilin reqs review
  • E2E Network Slicing - Lin Meng, China Mobile
    • New data types, service category in distribution notification

Automated Rolling Upgrade and Data Migration

Support of automated upgrade from version X to version X+1

Needed for every change that breaks existing data validity : Have a strategy to handle data migration

  • Create a wiki page, details for every feature and its impact on data for migration / schema changes -  check the wiki page: Upgrade plan
    • Feature X: All services metadata must have new property Y
  • Implementing a "task" for migrating data accordingly.
    • Example: asdctool mig2002

SDC-3155 - Getting issue details... STATUS Epic created

→ Discuss further and create User stories along with Bell Canada, Amdocs, Tata communications

Will need to prioritize VS Guilin Requirements →

this may shift to next release due to low commitment

Learn from SDNC experience;

"Normatives" types: challenging

Amdocs healing feature (El Alto)
  1.  Add toggle to allow enabling/disabling the healing business logic.
  2.  Add proper documentation in ONAP wiki (when the healing is relevant, what does it do, how to toggle it). 
  3. SDC-2874 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Any update, can this be closed ? → yes this was done for Frankfurt, Chris to close

Important Jira tasks we need to pick up
  • SDC-2875 - Getting issue details... STATUS Aligning SDC dependencies -  high priority
  • SDC-2708 Add assertions for unit tests  - #NewComers
  • SDC-2812Refactor all usage of Eithers - Guilin R7, #NewComers
  • SDC-2844 JUnit 5 unit test  - on going for new UT
  • SDC-3108 - Getting issue details... STATUS Migrate all TestNG tests to Junit5 , #NewComers
  • SDC-2688Upgrade Selenium - Guilin R7, André

Guilin Non Functionals - prioritization in progress see below

    Review of SDC dockers (License - use base images)

  Docker best practices : ROOTFS read only, CertInitializer, add STDOUT log appender, container error handling 

→ rework this section to avoid double tracking and keep a 'long term ongoing changes'

Security / AAF integration - Guilin

-USER_ID header: today it's a string, should it be a token? Ofir Sonsino to check with AAF/security subcommittee

-HTTP/HTTPS mode should be configurable in charts Ofir Sonsino to check and document in Jira if needed

-AAF as a certificate authority, validate certificates Ofir Sonsinoto check, AAF to provide API to sign/certify packages?

→ Certinitializer integration in progress, for RBAC this will be topic of future releases

 - Yuriy - status for SDC user roles in AAF

T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due

Java 11

Reflection was changes, need to know the business logic better to refactor - YamlToObjectConverter  SDC-3080 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Ask in onap-sdc, Ofir Sonsino to check internally

Will follow up with Ofir → check with Seb D. when back from Holidays

Guilin requirements

M1 commitments reviewed with tSC

TSC requests to Use cases and Functional requirements providers is to also commit to help on Non Funct Req

1 Use Case :

REQ-342 - E2E Network Slicing requirements for Guilin release

    2 User stories :

SDC-3087 - Getting issue details... STATUS

SDC-3086 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Owner of changes in SDC ? SDC - CMCC

Commit resources ? SDC - CMCC

5 Functionals:

REQ-334 - Getting issue details... STATUS

REQ-353 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Samuli Kuusela (Ericsson)

REQ-324 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Zu Qiang (Ericsson)

  • Support xNF Software Upgrade in association to schema updates
  • Link to Epic, User stories in SDC project, currently one issue in SDC project

REQ-341 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Supporting companies : Lumina, Huawei

SDC-3182 - Getting issue details... STATUS  with following stories identified as blocking ones

Owner of Stories, Epic in SDC → Luckasz

Organize 1h session code walkthrough with Ofir this week

Committment : Orange

REQ-335 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Yan Yang Lei Huang 

  • Introduce the concept of abstract template to simplify the process of repeated design of test service(topology).
  • Enhance SDC to support service import.
    • Solution for datatypes challenge: failing the import
    • Abstract node field - use category
    • Revisit all requirements
    • Next step: create Jira tasks under  SDC-3085 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Can commit based on China Mobile resources

other : CDS changes?

18 Non functionals :

10 - TSC MUST HAVE (please indicate where you plan to contribute)

Req NumberDescriptionCommitted Contributors & Comments
REQ-323 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Update deps to recommended Seccom versions
  • Contributors :

Mentee SDC (Amir) supported by AT&T mentor

REQ-366 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Ensure proper return codes when Docker container crashes
  • Contributors : ? → Need support from Community
REQ-365 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Review SDC containers and ensure that single PID
  • Contributors : ? → Need support from Community
REQ-380 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Ensure Docker base images are OK
REQ-379 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Review Docker Base images VS licenses (goes with the above)
REQ-373 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Python upgrade → in progress
REQ-362 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Verify SDC dockers to ensure non root users
  • Contributors : AT&T
REQ-361 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Use of Certinitializer template to auto generate certificates
  • Contributors : AT&T  (Amir if time allows)
  • Remove certificates from containers
REQ-349 - Getting issue details... STATUS
reach/maintain min 55% test coverage in SONAR
  • Contributors : ALL ? what about TS/JS coverage
REQ-351 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Upgrade to Java 11 → in progress
  • Java 11 - need to update many dependencies, very challenging
  • Added as a RISK to Guilin

1 - TSC PRIORITY 2 Continuity (please indicate where you plan to contribute)

Req NumberDescriptionCommitted Contributors & Comments
REQ-358 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Check Cassandra DB access mode (superuser?) and remove it if needed
  • DONE

7- TSC PRIORITY 3 Optional (please indicate where you plan to contribute)

Req NumberDescriptionCommitted Contributors & Comments
REQ-340 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Multi tenancy support, may imply many changes
  • Contributors : Amdocs, YoppWorks
REQ-374 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Additonal Log Appender for STDOUT
  • Contributors : ?
REQ-369 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Should be test only for SDC, managed at OOM level still requires to be checked
  • Contributors : ?
REQ-364 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Should be test only for SDC, managed at OOM level still requires to be checked
  • Contributors : ?
REQ-360 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Verify docker entrypoints for tricks
  • Contributors : ?
REQ-350 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Check inputs for length & special chars
  • Contributors : ?
REQ-359 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Mount container FS as Read only, verify if impact on SDC
  • Contributors : ?

Others not in Release requirements :

  • Cassandra 3 - migrate thrift=>cql init dockers, move to HTTPS, JanusGraph bug with credentials
  • OJSI tickets
  • Upgrade SDC instance (R6 to R7 ?) - Auto upgrade


Amdocs/YoppWorks to work on Multi-Tenancy (Stretch Goal For Guilin)

Cucumber api ci - TBD

New Profile Feature

SDC Type Management

Configuring UI tabs (R6 backlog)

Reviewing last week's action items

see below


General QA + Other topics

  • Checkstyle refactoring : one PR raised the question about Checkstyle refactoring
    • It was agreed with Ofir to do it in bulk (see :  SDC-2956 - Getting issue details... STATUS )
    •  Agreed the following :
      • Lets start on a per module basis (starting with ASDC tool)
      • Once review is up, ask people to download and verify their config is aligned
      •  Once review complete move to next module (assess if this is ok to proceed and changes did not break anything)
    •  Current Reviews on other modules can proceed until they get a full fix as above
  • About :  SDC-3076 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Review is blocked by OOM team as not compliant to some other requirements
    • Christophe Closset to follow up with oom team as this was discussed for other teams as well
      • Presented during PTL call, part of TSC MUST Have for Guilin, OOM can help using the templates, ChrisC is working on first patch this week
      • Update this was discussed during 7/20 PTL call and the enforcement is only to happen once patch is available, Chris has commented on OOM review and it appears it can proceed (note that there are still unresolved comments)

Action Items (To be Reviewed during call)

  • Java 11 Migration - Need help with `onap-sdc-translator-lib` and the `onap-common-configuration-management` modules
    • Code is ready but Docker-base needs to be updated to be able to check, need to use Base Java 11 Integration approved image → waiting TSC decision on allowed licenses in containers
  • Lei Huang to break epic down to user stories – Ongoing
  • Christophe Closset to organize a session with Ofir and Luckasz (request sent to OFir
    • Done, Session set for Jul 23rd
  • Christophe Closset to check on http endpoint for rocketchat or if it can use a proper certificate
    • Done, HTTP confirmed and working from both Ubuntu desktop App and Android App

Rocket Chat channel :