Brief Project Overview (brief as it should be known)

The Common Controller Software Development Kit (CCSDK) provides common components (libraries and docker images) used as a basis to construct controllers.  These components include:

  • Common parent pom.xmls, derived from the OpenDaylight parent poms, designed to be used by OpenDaylight-based ONAP controllers (APPC and SDNC).
  • Service Logic Interpreter (SLI): provides the ability to make real time changes in controller behavior through the user of directed graphs.
  • Controller Design Studio : allows operators to make real time changes to device configuration data formats/translation rules.
  • Support libraries used by DCAE and OOM.

New component capabilities for Frankfurt, i.e. the functional enhancements.

The following table lists the new functional requirements CCSDK is committing to support for the Guilin Release:

RequirementsCompanies Supporting Requirement

REQ-325 - Getting issue details... STATUS


REQ-345 - Getting issue details... STATUS


REQ-342 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Huawei, IBM, Wipro

REQ-347 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Huawei, CMCC, Wipro

REQ-322 - Getting issue details... STATUS


REQ-341 - Getting issue details... STATUS

T-Mobile, Orange

REQ-352 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Ericsson, IBM

Minimum Viable Product

The following epics represent the minimum viable product of the CCSDK Guilin Release:

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

The following epics are also in scope for Guilin, but are not considered of the minimum viable product.  In the event of unanticipated resource constraints, these could be reduced in scope or deferred without impacting any functionality deemed by the TSC as critical for Guilin.

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

These requirements require enhancements to existing CCSDK functionality, as opposed to new interfaces. 

New or modified interfaces

CCSDK itself has no interfaces, but does provide interface adaptors used by client controllers. 

If they are modified, are the backwards compatible?

N/A - CCSDK itself has no interfaces.

Interface naming (point to an example)

CCSDK provide the following APIs:

  • ASDC-API : RESTCONF interface used to process certain non-TOSCA artifacts distributed by SDC (license model updates).
  • dataChange : RESTCONF interface pub/sub interface that allows controller to be notified on data change events (note: not currently used in ONAP use cases)
  • LCM : RESTCONF interface used to handle LifeCycle Management events
  • SLI-API : RESTCONF interface to service logic interpreter.  Used primarily for health check.
  • selfservice-api : gRPC interface used with CDS
  • oofpcipoc-api : RESTCONF interface used for OOF/PCI integration

Reference to the interfaces.

All APIs have Swagger documentation, which is referenced in readthedocs

What are the system limits?

Since CCSDK is a toolkit, this doesn't really apply.

Involved use cases, architectural capabilities or functional requirements.

CCSDK is used in the following use cases:

  • vFW
  • vDNS
  • vCPE
  • VoLTE
  • 5G

Listing of new or impacted models used by the project (for information only).


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