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Shankaranarayanan Puzhavakath Narayanan

Vikas Varma

dhebeha mj

krishna moorthy

Avteet Chayal

Lukasz Rajewski

Xin Miao

Swaminathan Seetharaman


ItemWhoTimeNotesFollow up actions/notes
General project updates
  • Project Lifecycle update
  • Guilin M2 status: 

  OPTFRA-806 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Status on FGPS

Follow up with Use case team.
Guilin PlanningTSC must-haves

OPTFRA-791 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Other non-functional requirements
  • AAF based Authentication  OPTFRA-775 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • HAS - MUSIC interface issues
  • Policy interface for Optimization policies

               Policy creation for OOF(WIP)

  • Checksytle improvement
  • Inform clients to use AAF based authentication
  • Music - Check for alternatives
  • Follow up with the policy team (Avteet and Dhebeha)

Functional improvements

dhebeha mj krishna moorthy

  • Candidate schema changes to be finalized today.

Use cases: 

  • 5G E2E slicing 
  • 5G SON
  • MDONS 

5G Network Slicing

5G - E2E Network Slicing 

  • Improvements in NST selection
  • Improvements in existing NSI selection(include slice profile generation)
  • Support NSSI selection
  • Common selection for both NSI and NSSI

Continue the discussion for NST selection next week.
5g SON
  • Discussion today
Discussion on Wednesday
MDONS OOF Support - IDL/Path OptimizationReview offline

Transport Slicing

Meeting recording: