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The following table shows the progression of the O-RAN A1 Policy functions by release.


The following table shows the developer guides and documentation sites for the O-RAN A1 Policy functions.


The O-RAN Alliance defines a new management interface "A1" for RAN Management. This interface interconnects a new logical "Non-RealTime RAN Intelligent Controller (Non-RT-RIC)" function in the Service Management & Orchestration (SMO) layer with a new logical "Near-RealTime RAN Intelligent Controller (near-RT-RIC)" function in the RAN. This new A1 interface allows the Non-RT-RIC to provide Policy Guidance to the RAN (near-RT-RIC) to steer its operation. These are defined by the O-RAN Alliance as "A1 Policies".

New functions to support A1 Policies have been added to ONAP. The A1 Policy functions are Orchestration and Automation functions for non-real-time intelligent management of RAN (Radio Access Network) functions. The primary goal of the A1 Policy functions is to support non-real-time radio resource management, higher layer procedure optimization, policy optimization in RAN, and providing guidance, parameters, policies and AI/ML models to support the operation of Near-RealTime RIC (RAN Intelligent Controller) functions in the RAN to achieve higher-level non-real-time objectives. 

The A1 Policy functions implementation will communicate with Near-RealTime RIC elements in the RAN via the A1 interface. Using the A1 interface, the A1 Policy functions will facilitate the provision of policies for individual UEs or groups of UEs; monitor and provide basic feedback on policy state from near-RealTime RICs; provide enrichment information as required by Near-RealTime RICs; and facilitate ML model training, distribution and inference in cooperation with the Near-RealTime RICs. 

A1 Policy functions form part of a Non-Realtime RIC as defined by O-RAN Alliance. Non-Realtime RIC functions include service and policy management, RAN analytics, and model-training for the Near-RealTime RICs. The ONAP A1 Policy work provides concepts, specifications, architecture and reference implementations for A1 Policy support as defined and described in the O-RAN architecture.

As shown in the Component Architecture diagram below, the A1 Policy functions exist within the ONAP eco-system, leveraging existing infrastructure to support non-real-time control of the RAN (Radio Access Network).

Functional view of ONAP A1 Policy functions

The figure above shows a functional view of the A1 Policy functions in ONAP.


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