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The following table shows the progression of the O-RAN A1 Policy functions by release.


The following table shows the developer guides and documentation sites for the O-RAN A1 Policy functions.


The O-RAN Alliance defines a new management interface "A1" for Radio Access Network (RAN) Management. This interface interconnects a new logical "Non-RealTime RAN Intelligent Controller (Non-RT-RIC)" function in the Service Management & Orchestration (SMO) layer with a new logical "Near-RealTime RAN Intelligent Controller (near-RT-RIC)" function in the RAN. This new A1 interface allows the Non-RT-RIC to provide Policy Guidance to the RAN (near-RT-RIC) to steer its operation. These policies are defined by the O-RAN Alliance as "A1 Policies". The specifications for the A1 Interface, including A1 Policy support, can be found on the O-RAN Alliance Specifications portal

New functions to support A1 Policies have been added to ONAP. The A1 Policy functions are Orchestration and Automation functions for non-real-time intelligent management of RAN functions. The primary goal of the A1 Policy functions is to support non-real-time radio resource management, higher layer procedure optimization, policy optimization in RAN, and providing guidance, parameters, policies and AI/ML models to support the operation of Near-RealTime RIC (RAN Intelligent Controller) functions in the RAN to achieve higher-level non-real-time objectives. 

A1 Policy functions form part of a Non-Realtime RIC as defined by O-RAN Alliance. Non-Realtime RIC functions include service and policy management, RAN analytics, and model-training for the Near-RealTime RICs. The ONAP A1 Policy work provides concepts, specifications, architecture and reference implementations for A1 Policy support as defined and described in the O-RAN architecture.

As shown in the Component Architecture diagram below, the A1 Policy functions exist within the ONAP eco-system, leveraging existing infrastructure to support non-real-time control of the RAN (Radio Access Network).

Functional view of ONAP A1 Policy functions

The figure above shows a functional view of the A1 Policy functions in ONAP.


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