Joint ONAP/O-RAN-SC/SMO call to align different projects
(Please note the new day/time)


Case by case decision, when daylight saving times differs between North-America and Europe. 
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Co-located with Weekly Community Meetings for several O-RAN SC projects.



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  1. Would it be possible to consider changing the meeting time to sth like 1 hour earlier on Tuesday (this would be Eastern 11:00?)?

  2. I am looking for meeting minutes from SDNR meeting last week, but I only see minutes from April and earlier published under here.   Is there a different place to look?   Specifically I would like to see the discussion about the expectation that all vendors adopt a common RAN model (I believe PCI and Neighboring Cells in Casablanca??), and also where this model comes from and who must approve it.  Tracy Van Brakle, Do you know where I can find this?  Much thanks!  (smile) 

  3. May I ask how I can join this meeting?

    1. You are welcome (wink) - Just join (wink)