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Aleem Raja

Alex Borovitzky

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Avi Chapnick

Borislav Glozman

Chuyi Guo

Claudio David Gasparini

Deepika S

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Tony Finnerty


  1. Demo at LFN DDF during Feb 1-4: Preparations, documentation
  2. Honolulu requirements
    1. Overview & commitments
    2. NSMF and EP related enhancements   
    3. NSI selection enhancements
    4. NSSMF enhancements (Core, RAN, TN)
    5. Closed Loop & Intelligent Slicing
  3. CPS impacts
  4. AOB

Notes and Actions

  1. All APs from last meeting are closed except the discussion with all testers (NSMF, RAN/Core/TN NSSMF) reg. the verification of e2e flows. Swaminathan Seetharamanand LIN MENG to organize it this week.
  2. The demo readiness and completion of remaining test scenarios was discussed. For Option 1, Winlab shall be used for the demo setup. Swaminathan Seetharamanto share with Hanif Kukkallireg. the setup details.
  3. Chuyi presented the Endpoint related enhancements and TN NSSI selection aspects for Honolulu release. The details are available in ONAP R8 works.pptx. Any comments or inputs to be shared with Chuyi Guo , Henry Yu , LIN MENGand Swaminathan Seetharaman .
  4. For Core Slicing, Milind Jalwadi& team are exploring enhancements to enable instantiation of only some Core CNFs during creation of a new Core NSSI (and reuse existing instances for remaining Core CNFs). The modeling and functional enhancements are a stretch goal for H-release though the analysis has already started.
  5. Krishna presented the enhancements to NSI/NSSI selection based on resource occupancy levels when deciding to reuse an existing NSI/NSSI. The details are available at nsi_selection_proposal_20200118_v1.0.pptx. A basic version with 1-2 attributes shall be implemented in H-release. Any comments or inputs to be shared with krishna moorthy and Swaminathan Seetharaman.
  6. CPS impacts were briefly discussed.
    1. krishna moorthyto share the updated API for the API mapper service considering the anchor also.
    2. The yang model for ONAP-internal config info and any other updates (yang models and/or APIs) to be shared by Sandeep ShahSwaminathan Seetharaman with Toine SiebelinkTony Finnerty.
    3. The existing Config DB APIs are available at CPS APIs
    4. Toine Siebelinkto study them and come up with X-path queries for them (starting with 1-2 examples). It was agreed that we will go with the current "one big network yang model" for H-release. Subsequently, xNF based model or model instance (and the impacts to the CPS consumers) should be looked at. To be future-safe, the API Mapper service shall expose an API which already includes an "anchor" (see (a) above).
    5. Hanif Kukkalli is interested to explore contribution to the xNF Proxy service. Tony Finnerty suggested to start looking at  CPS-168 - Getting issue details... STATUS . Further info will be exchanged offline.




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