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Lab Update

Please be aware that the information on this page related to the WindRiver Lab may be out of date by the time that integration testing begins, due to the fact that ONAP is transitioning from the WindRiver lab to a new lab.  However, the details and timing are not clear as of June, 2021.

Follow the Integration Team and the TSC for announcements about the transition.

  • There are two onap instances set up in the WindRiver lab with tenant names: Integration-Onboarding and Integration-ClosedLoop
    • Integration-onboarding should be used for model onboarding , distribution and instantiation pair wise tests: aaf, dmapp, sdc, portal, aai, so, sdnc, vid, multi-vim, etc.
    • Integration-closedloop should be used for closed loop (vfwcl is deployed)  : aaf,  dmaap, aai, clamp , dcae, policy , appc, etc
  • This page should be filled by PTLs as "self-grade" check list.