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AAI Weekly Meeting Recorded Session

AAI Roadmap Session



  • Get status on AAI lab resources
  • Status Cassandra clustering
  • Discuss Amsterdam patch release

Discussion items


Functional Description PPTTeam

We put together the functional description slide for Chris Donley

Lab for Cassandra ClusterJimmy Forsyth

We looked at the Windriver pod lab, and agreed that Pavel Paroulek and Venkata Harish Kajur would build a cassandra clustered front-ended by a pair of VMs of application servers under the A&AI profile. Harish created 3 instances, Pavel deployed a 3-node Cassandra cluster. We need to configure the master branches to use Cassandra. We need external/remote storage so the data persists across instances of AAI. Pavel doesn't know how to create the openstack volumes and needs support. Recommendation is that all 3 nodes are replicas, so 1 instance can die including the remote storage.

SONAR CoverageTeamFor Beijing we need a minimum of 50% coverage on all repos (excluding sparky-fe and esr-gui) Drop-dead date for getting this done is M4, 2018-03-29

Amsterdam January Patch releaseJimmy Forsyth

Released java artifacts. Our daily docker builds are failing for both Amsterdam and Beijing because somehow they force -SNAPSHOT versions on AAI dependencies.

Venkata Harish Kajur will follow up w/ LF

JiraJimmy Forsythaffected-version will be required on ALL bug reports going forward. Fix version must be set before a bug can be moved to in-progress.

Action items