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Andy Mayer

Eric Debeau

Sofia Wallin

Andreas Geissler

Topics, Notes, Status and Follow-Up Tasks

TopicNotes / Status / Follow-up
El-Alto Release status

Jira tickets, other issues.

Remaining ticket to be done, DOC-555 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Release notes for all project - status?

Action point on the doc project to re trigger projects that branched before the doc project. 

Eric is looking in to this

Pending patches?

System warnings current visible in the published warning. Want to keep this in Gerrit but not in the published version.

AP - doc project

Release process for documentation 

Sofia Wallin and David McBride

Read out of the documentation session held at ONS. Lack of clear requirements makes it hard to communicate expectations and difficult to follow the status of documentation. AP for the project: come up with a proposal on how to track documentation and move towards a more self reporting setup. To facilitate the minmun requirements it is probably a good idea to divide the documentation into different areas and/or documentation types. 

A high level architecture description had been requested. Andrea and Timo showed what's available as of today. Sofia proposed to involved the architecture subcommittee and have them drive this task with support from the doc project. AP for Sofia: Reach out to Steve

Doc project responsibilities and expectations. List of members, Resources and Repositories#Documentation

Sofia Wallin to add a short summary of basic expectations for participating in the doc project.

AP Sofia: Clean up the current list of contributors and committers. 

Developing ONAP API Documentation

Andy Mayer gave an overview of the proposal for API documentation. The doc project fully support having a working group focusing on aligning how we work with API documentation. AP Andy to send out information to the discuss list to request support from the community. 


PTL election period

How is this normally done?

New election should be initiated.