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David McBride

Eric Debeau

Thomas Kulik

Timo Perala

@Andrea Visnyei 

Sofia Wallin

Topics, Notes, Status and Follow-Up Tasks

TopicNotes / Status / Follow-up
El-Alto Release status

Theme for RTD still not updated

All other tickets are done

2 remaining patches to be finalized:

Release Note to be updated

Synchronisation with submodules to be re-checked

Proposed HighLights modification: El Alto Release Key Updates for Documentation to include User Guides improvements

Release process for documentation & Frankfurt release planningProcess defined here 
Technical project member doc project

Since Rich left we do have a gap in the deeper technical area. Such a troubleshooting, maintaining and ownership of the toolchain, technical improvements.

Suggestion to reach out to the community and ask for this competence.  

Doc project responsibilities and expectations. List of members, Resources and Repositories#Documentation

Information was sent out earlier this week. No objections.

AP Sofia: Clean up the current list of contributors and committers. 

Developing ONAP API Documentation

Andy Mayer is driving this in a separate working group. Leaving it on the agenda for further collaboration. 

PTL election period

Email has been sent out by Sofia - so far no nominations