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Topics, Notes, Status and Follow-Up Tasks

TopicNotes / Status / Follow-up
Frankfurt Release status

Sofia to define Jira tickets based on the release scope. We will prioritise and assign owners during the meeting the 14th. Done

Tasks to be assigned during the meeting 13/11

Release process for documentation & Frankfurt release planningProcess defined here 
Technical project member doc project


Since Rich left we do have a gap in the deeper technical area. Such a troubleshooting, maintaining and ownership of the toolchain, technical improvements.

Suggestion to reach out to the community and ask for this competence.  

AP Sofia: Send out a request to the discuss list

Developing ONAP API Documentation

Andy Mayer is driving this in a separate working group. Leaving it on the agenda for further collaboration. 

PTL election period

Sofia has been nominated. Vote needs to be created.