• Status update and walk-through of DMI plug-in code


Priyank showed status and walk-through of DMI plug-in code and APIs. See recording.

Discussed cmHandle role. Can be name of O1 netconf server name –
or host which may have multiple netconf servers (Vishal will decide).
Note that same cmHandle id is used 

Control Flow:

Initial state before step 1: SDN-R has mounted netconf devices (NFs) and has yang models. CPS DB does not have this info.

Steps 1-8:

SDN-R calls DMI Plug-in, registers list of cmHandleIds (typically same as netconf server name or nodeId)

DMI Plug-in does internal updates, then calls SDN-R to get schema information

APIs are used by SDN-R to load initial instance of CU and DU NFs and properties

Final state after step 8: 

CPS DB is initialized with all info in RAN-Sim. 
DMI Plug-in is ready to process a VES msg for CM update, with assumption that VES msg has a sourceId which is same as cmHandleId.

See CPS documentation ..