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High-level Identified Impacts:  PORTAL-490 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  1. Impact on Functional Menu for the usecase flows to different components like you see example menus under "Manage Menus" here.
  2. User next step recommendation feature can help new users that are not familiar with the 5G steps.

At high-level, the idea is to include the 5G PNF activation functional steps on each component like SO/AAI etc.. at the Portal's top functional menu. So, that these functional menus are handy to users and provides seamless ONAP platform experience while performing steps that involve various different components. Furthermore, the AI prediction feature of Portal's notification module recommends next step to user, based on these PNF flows and commonly used functions by various other users.

Impact on Functional Menu

PNF Plug and Play is used to register a PNF when it comes on-line (more detail here - 5G - PNF Plug and Play (Casablanca carry-over items)). What are the steps involved for the PNF Plug n Play? and how ONAP users can initiate these steps in required order from Portal's top menu? These menus are identified below:

  1. DesignTime Menus
    • PNF MODELING menu linked to SDC
  2. Run-Time Menus

User next step recommendation feature

  1. Provides usage journey and analytics.
  2. Supports application/function tracking and navigation predictions of flows for navigation based on functional objective. This will facilitate operations to personalize process flows. This will increase usability and pace of end-to-end user functions across ONAP apps/functions via managed/standardized user processes.
  3. Uses of Machine Learning techniques to improve the experience of users and administrators of the ONAP Portal.

    1. Make users more effective/efficient
    2. Discover workflows by mining logs of user behavior
    3. Guide them to take appropriate actions and avoid errors
    4. Leverage the usage patterns of experienced users
    5. Make inter-user communication better