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Dublin API Doc (HTML) | Swagger API (YAML)Nodes Swagger API (YAML)Relationships

Dublin supports v11, v12, v13,  v14, v15 and v16 of the API. v16 is the preferred version.


  File Modified
ZIP Archive Feb 18, 2019 by James Forsyth
HTML File aai_swagger_v16.html May 24, 2019 by James Forsyth
File aai_swagger_v16.nodes.yaml May 24, 2019 by James Forsyth
File aai_swagger_v16.yaml May 24, 2019 by James Forsyth
File DbEdgeRules_v16.json May 24, 2019 by James Forsyth
HTML File Ladda ner.html Aug 15, 2019 by Fei Zhang


  1. A question about PNFs.
    I just noticed, the pnf-name is a mandatory parameter, pnf-id optional.
    Shouldn`t it be the other way around, in context of the planned "master key" change pnf-name → pnd-id?

    1. We've been discussing this; we might make pnf-id mandatory before we switch the pnf-id to be the key of the PNF object

    2. Also, these files are generated from code currently on master, so it will change after the new code is merged.

      1. OK, thanks guys. I`ll be looking at this.

  2. Is AAI V16 REST API enabled?

    For the latest ONAP AAI resource MS, I am getting 400 Bad Request when I used 

    Request: {{AAI_SERVER}}/aai/v16/cloud-infrastructure/cloud-regions: 

    "requestError": {
    "serviceException": {
    "messageId": "SVC3016",
    "text": "Request uri is not valid, please check the version %1 (msg=%2) (ec=%3)",
    "variables": [
    "Request uri is not valid, please check the version %1",

    Response is okay with v15:

    Request: {{AAI_SERVER}}/aai/v15/cloud-infrastructure/cloud-regions: 

    "cloud-region": [
    "cloud-owner": "CloudOwner",
    "cloud-region-id": "PombaRegion001",
    "resource-version": "1551717428416"

    1. Yong Chen as Dublin release is in code development, some of the documentation may be out-of-sync with the code. Would you be able to use the v15 or v14 API versions instead?

      Venkata Harish Kajur and James Forsyth, I don't think it's a code change, but could it be a need for released artifacts? Should the matching artifact versions be included in the documentation as well?

      1. Keong Lim As shown in my last comment, I was able to use v15 version of the query. I am looking for confirmation that the API has been updated to v16 so that we can update POMBA MSs to use the newer version of the API.

        1. Probably related to this or this

          Make sure you're getting the latest containers.

          BTW, why does POMBA need the v16 API? Is there something targeted to POMBA in v16? Or just keeping it up to the latest version?