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SDC High Level Component Definition and Architectural Relationships 

2. SDC Component Description:


SDC is the Centralized ONAP Design Time Platform

  • SDC Provides Service Provider a seamless design time user experience
    • Allow SP to configure for its design environment including user roles and design workflows
    • Import generic ONAP management functions (MS, Flows, Policies) from ONAP developed software and SP’s adaptations (1) (2)
    • Onboard & Design resource level network functions (VNF, PNF) (3)
    • Compose Service models with resources (4)
    • Design Service Provider specific Management Flows and Policies for the Resource or Service Model (5)
  • SDC integrates multi design tools into one platform
    • Provide ONAP development a “Pluggable framework” for easy design tools integration
  • SDC Provides a common Catalog for designed objects
    • Support robust catalog cataloging capabilities for storage and management of ONAP standard compliant data models
  • Provide linkage & management of SP’s Test/validation process & artifacts for certification of the designed models (6)
  • Distributes models to runtime for execution (7)
    • Note: in addition, ETSI compliant models/packages will be distributed to the Modeling etsicatalog (ETSI Catalog Manager) 

 3 SDC Target Functional Architecture

SDC provides 3 functionally distinct layers with modular software, integrated with internal APIs

4. SDC Current Release API definitions

SDC provides the following interfaces:

Interface NameInterface DefinitionAPI Spec (Swagger)


VNF is on-boarded through VNF Onboarding GUI



VNF is stored in Design Catalog


Service designer creates a service model from Design Catalog items



Designer Studio stores and retrieves Design Catalog items


Ops designer creates monitoring templates with mS data flows → replaced by DCAE-MOD


DCAE Designer Studio stores and retrieves monitoring flow with mS elements


Service tester certifies service models for distribution



Service tester distributes service models



Distribution Engine publishes service notification to DMaaP.

ONAP components subscribe to service notification from DMaaP



ONAP components retrieve service models from the Design Catalog


Note:   xxxI interface is a SDC internal interface.  xxxxE interface is a SDCE external interface

The current API documents can be found at:

SDC consumes the following interfaces:

InterfacePurposeAPI Spec (Swagger)
VNFSDKE-3Upload VNF/PNF packagess for test purpose, and retrieve VNF/PNFs packages from the marketplace.Se
VNFSDKE-4VNRequest VNF/PNF validation tests and obtain the result

5. New Capabilities in this Release

SDC Release planning for R8 : SDC R8 Release Planning (link between REQ JIRA and SDC Epics/Stories)

1) Use Case Impact :

No new use case impacting SDC for I release

2) Functional Impact :

ARC reviews of new functional features :

RequirementDescriptionArch Review linkArchComm decision (star)Arch Impact ?

REQ-864 - Getting issue details... STATUS

SDC Multi Model Support Istanbul

ONAPARC-698 - Getting issue details... STATUS



New internal APIs to manage the models.

Retro-compatible changes for any other API.

REQ-627 - Getting issue details... STATUS

ONAP CNF orchestration - Istanbul Enhancements

(star) Full Arch review status for functional : Istanbul-R9 Functional Requirements Architecture Reviews

3) Non Functional Impact

RequirementDescriptionArch Review linkArchComm decision (star)Arch Impact

REQ-439 - Getting issue details... STATUS


REQ-443 - Getting issue details... STATUS


(star) Full Arch review status for non functional : Istanbul-R9 NonFunctional Requirements Architecture Reviews

6.Istanbul Functional View (No change)

The SDC Istanbul view is:

7 SDC Architecture Evolution (optional item)

The goals of the SDC evolution are:

  • Seamless Design Time user experience based on user’s roles and design workflow
  • Pluggable Framework to integrate multiple external developed design tools into SDC
  • One consolidated Design Catalog with common models in SDC to drive ONAP runtime

8 SDC Overall ONAP Architecture Principle Compliance

9 The SDC near term focus on architecture deficiencies are (optional):

User experience:

  • Workflow Congfigurator to define service provide specific design workflow
  • Workflow guided, role-based user experience
  • Function-based (rather than tool based) GUI

Application Layer for Tool Plug-ins

  • Provide Plug-in Framework for design tools
  • Support standard-based VNF package onboarding tool plug-ins
  • Support Onboarding Helm packages
  • Provide Data Mapping/Translation/Enrichment to ONAP Standard Internal Model
  • Provide tools to support Service Provider's test & validation environment/process for model certification
  • Nert term tasks: Integrate Policy Designer, CLAMP designer, CDS - Retire DCAE DS as now replaced by DCAE-MOD

Catalogue & Data Management

  • Support common data model as defined by the modelling team
  • Model Data Lifecycle Management
  • Runtime Distribution Version Management

10 SDC - Current System Deployment Architecture - OOM Helm view

User Experience layer (Frontend Jetty Server)

  • supplies the static content of web pages, and all resources that required by the GUI
  • serves as a proxy for the REST API requests coming from the GUI
  • Every request originating from the GUI is passed to the Jetty front-end server before it is executed.

Application Layer (Backend Jetty Server)

  • Containers all the application logic for the SDC.

Catalog/Data Management Layer

  • Cassandra is used to store audit data, artifacts and data model objects.

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