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This page lists all documentation-related projects that have been proposed as part of the Beijing release

InitiativeDescriptionStatus / Meeting NotesPriorityProject Lead(s)JIRA Issue(s)

Beijing Project-level Updates

Creating or updating project-level documentation for Release 2


Phasing / Prioritization - what's ready now

  • New content for Beijing - create checklist ?
  • Review recent content additions / JIRA doc board for any updates
  • For OOM / every Run-Time component - should we capture HELM charts and Values / Resources, including latest installation guidelines

All Projects

DOC-197 - Getting issue details... STATUS


API - Structure & Tool Chain

  • Use of Swagger spec
    Define best way to represent/visualize - RsT may not be best?
  • Containers
  • Kubernetes

API - Differentiation

  • HealthCheck APIs
  • Components APIs (eg Java class API)


DOC-200 - Getting issue details... STATUS

OpenStack Interfaces

Strategic view of where and why OpenStack API's are used in ONAP, interface definitions and expectations; AA&I, DCAE (gathering information from the platform), Multi-VIM, APP-C, and SDN-C (asking the platform to do things/put itself in a certain state).

On hold - Dave Neary moved to new role

Multi-VIM owner going foward?


Multi-VIM lixinh

OOM David Sauvageau

DOC-202 - Getting issue details... STATUS DOC-211 - Getting issue details... STATUS

ONAP for Newcomers

"Welcome to ONAP" Flows and Text

Convert existing component level diagrams to high level flows and text. Include high level Architecture, as well as as typical use cases such as:  VNF Onboarding, Fault management, and Capacity management.

One example is Istio's Concepts page:

Onboarding Documentation needed (Pawel):

  1. Types of licenses: universal, unique and one time
  2. License term: fixed term, perpetual, unlimited
  3. Onboarding procedure: manual or network package
  4. How to delete objects created (i.e. VSP)?

Populate remaining generic flows (Gil)

Architecture sub-team including E2E views? (Chris D)


DOC-224 - Getting issue details... STATUS

ONAP "Light" for SEs, Architects

ONAP "Light" version (non-coding) targeted for SEs, architects on how to use the platform

  1. Install ONAP on their local cloud environment
  2. Run Health Check
  3. Run three Use cases:  vFW, vDNS, vCPE

Documentation - Put each step into context, both what and why 


DOC-225 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Wiki "Sandbox"

"Sandbox" for developers to actually interact with the code

  • Install on laptops, pre-configured environment
  • Allow for coding, build and compile
  • Default IDEs
  • Does not impact live Master Branch
  • Available for hackathon

Documentation;  Need tutorial materials (videos, text, flows?)

Victor:  Technically possible to point the vagrant-onap tool to an existing OpenStack Deployment [1].  Vagrant-onap tool has helped us to collect some disperse bash instructions in a single place. No feedback yet from PTLs or developers about the missing pieces except for SDC. This tool has been suffered many changes lately and I haven’t been able to test all of them so maybe it’s just matter to do few adjustments.

  • Need OpenStack deployment (Windriver?)
  • Functionality limited to single component(s)
  • Users download from Integration folder



Victor Morales (lead)

Helen Chen (support)

DOC-226 - Getting issue details... STATUS

VNF Reference list

Documentation and ongoing repository for integration tested VNFs (i.e. certified by ONAP for third party providers)

  • Integration Team provides list of reference VNFs
  • Need to establish template 

Future:  Establish VNF "App Store" (VNF SDK project drives ?)

Template established in RtD (Steven / Rich)

Two ways to differentiate:

  1. Commercial vs Open Source
    Pointers to doc in both cases
  2. HEAT vs. TOSCA - examples from each
    HEAT:  vFW, vDNS, vCPE (vCPE breaks down further)
    TOSCA: VoLTE (breaks down further)

Start with vDNS? - good for community input


VVP: Steven Wright

Imre Egei

DOC-231 - Getting issue details... STATUS

List of tested VNFs through BeijingCoordinate population of VNF templates (Helen)Higher

Integration Helen Chen

DOC-232 - Getting issue details... STATUS

How / where to publishPublish in RTD under "Use Cases"Higher

DOC-233 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Migrate Seed Documentation from Wiki

Migration Process / Issues

Anuj Kapoor

DOC-179 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Setting Up ONAP
Integrating with ONAP
Using ONAP


Gregory Glover

HigherArchitecture / All Projects
Documenting ONAP
Developing ONAP
HigherAll Projects
LowModeling, Architecture

ONAP Health & Maturity

Image result for tempurature gauges clip art black and white

Daily / Frequent Health Tests
  1. Daily health test results deployed by OOM and Heat
  2. Daily test results for vFW / vLB / vCPE
  3. Nexus tags for above two tests results: repo and docker images (for people to easily get a stable ONAP code in their local env.)
  1. Granularity
  • E2E
  • Project level

    2. Maturity requirement: performance, resilience, etc.  
    3. Different tools: JProfile, Chaos Monkey, etc.

Integration Helen Chen      MediumLF

Doc Tool Chain / Utilities


  • Doc8+/- Coala Code Policies
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Editorial / Usability
  • Sphinx directives
  • Integrity of Glossary/Info Model
  • Integrity of sphinx toctree
  • Integrity of external references
  • Acceptable file types
  • CI/CD repo integration

Dev Edit RST File - Unit Test - Gerrit - Code Review/Verify Job - Gerrit Human Review - Daily CSIT - Release Integration Test


DOC-234 - Getting issue details... STATUS

RTD Feedback

  • JIRA project to report an error
  • Wiki or stack overflow Q&A
  • Simple, more accessible link tool for editing RTD pages


DOC-228 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Wiki Feedback
Establish new structure and process for:

  •     Discussion forum
  •     Submitting suggestions / feedback with existing content


DOC-230 - Getting issue details... STATUS

LF Tool Chain Documentation

  •     Gerrit guide
  •     Guidelines (Builds, etc.)
  •     Utilities:  Jenkins, Conversion tools (e.g. LF Pandocs)


DOC-229 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Branching Guidelines

Specify how and when to branch Beijing

Provide clear dates to expectations to PTLs - goal is to finalize Beijing more quickly than it took for Amsterdam

DOC-235 - Getting issue details... STATUS

VNF Certification

How and when to document:

1. Certified VNFs (when that happens)

2. Certified Platform elements


DOC-236 - Getting issue details... STATUS

VideosManaging and tracking what and where videos are being posted

DOC-237 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Wiki vs ReadthedocsHow to best communicate guidelines on what content should be where

DOC-238 - Getting issue details... STATUS

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  1. One note regarding video. We should not embed video in Git-Gerrit. As Video are large file it will make the whole Git process (Clone, pull) very bandwidth intensive and increase download time (developers don't like this).

    An approach would be using YouTube channel.