Please cut & paste the following into your use case to describe the Business Model for your Use Case.

Make the "Business Driver" a HEADING 1.

The 7 categories are based on the 7point of a Business Plan.

This exercise was done to better understand the business needs and drivers that service providers that they need to consider; and it makes it easier for the use case oversight teams to analyze that there is full coverage of the service providers needs.


This section describes Business Drivers needs.

Executive Summary - (Give a short description of your Use Case, the "Executive 2 min elevator pitch", this describes the "WHAT")

Business Impact - (This is the Business Impact which describes why this use case is important from a business perspective, this describes the "WHY").

Business Markets - (This is the marketing analysis, which can include but not limited to applicable markets, domains, marketing projections, this can describe the "WHERE").

Funding/Financial Impacts - (The Funding requirements and Financial impacts can describe the financial savings, or CAPEX, OPEX impacts for a Use Case).

Organization Mgmt, Sales Strategies - (It is suggested that you use the following wording): There is no additional organizational management or sales strategies for this use case outside of a service providers "normal" ONAP deployment and its attendant organizational resources from a service provider. (This would typically describe the "WHO", but because use cases are all deployed with ONAP itself, these two areas come with the actual ONAP deployment and uses the organizational management and sales strategies of a particular service provider's ONAP deployment)

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