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Hosted By: China Telecom, Co-Hosted by: Huawei


Room #BridgeURL








203 - (+86-10)50902755


China Telecom Beijing Research Institute  (CTBRI)

Address: China Telecom,

Southern Zone of Future Science & Technology

Beiqijia, Changping

Beijing, China

Tel <+86-10> 50902000 



(Includes information required for Visa request)

Visa Letters:

Nearby Hotels 

2 ways from the airport to China Telecom Beijing Research Institute


Take a taxi

about 70 (CNY)



Take Beijing Subway Airport Express at T2 or T3 terminal building to Dongzhimen Station, transfer to the subway Line 13 to Shaoyaoju Station and take the shuttle bus we prepared

about 28 (CNY)

Shuttle Service 

China Telecom is providing shuttle bus from Shaoyaoju station (a railway station on line 10) to CTBRI in the morning and go back in the evening.

Shuttle bus timetable:

From Shaoyaoju to CTBRI (Morning): 8:00am and 8:15am

From CTBRI to Shaoyaoju (Evening)

June 19

June 20

June 21

June 22



(To Reception and Shaoyaoju)





(from Tixiangyuan)




(from Tixiangyuan)

Two Shuttle Buses will stop 200  meters to the east of <F> Exit, ShaoYaoJu Subway station. 

One shuttle bus is arranged for attendees who live in Crowne Plaza .The white bus will stop

at 8:00am right at the entrance of the Crowne Plaza 100 metres away. (Refer to the figure below)

It will take 20~30mins to arrive at CTBRI.

There will be  people providing direction at the F exit and the entrance of the Crowne Plaza hotel.


        You can call a TAXI anytime / anywhere in Beijing in the street, the first 3KM are 13 Yuan (2 Dollars) and every 1KM extra costs 2.3 Yuan (0.4 Dollars)  , no tips needed.

        You can download Didi App (Chinese Uber) on your mobile phone, register Didi account using your mobile phone number, then enter the destination that you want to go, and wait for a reply, for Charges, Express<Taxi<Premier <pic 1-5>. From Shaoyaoju station to CTBRI may cost about 10 /12 /15 US dollars respectively.

      CTBRI may not showing up on the map but you can try Lutuan Jiayuan, it is just on the east to CTBRI <Chinese addresss on pic 6>

        If you arrived at the air port, you can choose TAXI (not Didi) / Subway/ Air port Shuttle to downtown costs about 20 / 4 / 2 US dollars respectively.

        If you are coming to CTBRI from the air port, the best way is taking a TAXI costs about 12 US dollars. Do keep a receipt.

         US to CNY (RMB Yuan) rate is about  < 1: 6.4 >

On-Site Security & Badging

 A site issued registration card will be provided for all attendees. This badge will be used for access for the event space, parking, hotel shuttle and meals (where appropriate). 
The opposite side of the badge will provide information helpful to all attendees, including:

  • Full company address

  • Wifi information

  • Lunch & Coffee bar

  • Social reeption

  • Meeing agenda QR code


 On-site parking is available for visitors. Your ONAP registration card above will be used for entrance access. Attendees will be asked to show the parking permit when entering CTBRI gate. Please print the permit belowing by yourself.


Lunch is hosted at 12:30pm-1:30pm, including Chinese food and western food, and the dining hall is to the south of the overpass, located at the 2nd floor. 

       Tea break is hosted (refer to the meeting agenda).

       Coffee bar: 1st floor of the main building, free coffee is hosted from 1:00pm- 2:00pm.

Social reception: At Tixiangyuan restuarant on June 20(Wed), take shuttle buses from the entrance of the maining building at 5:30pm.

Contact information

        Emergency call: 110 (Police)   120(Ambulance)

        CTBRI Help desk:  Yue Liu 13661318157  Helen Lu 15300087071


Cancellation/No-Show Fee

There is no cost to participate in the ONAP Developer Event. You will only be charged a cancellation/no-show fee of $50.00 USD if you do not cancel by 08:00 PST on Monday, June 11 or do not attend the event.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this event, please contact the ONAP Events team at events at


Program Committee:

Members of the Community responsible for reviewing and approving topic proposals and set the agenda and schedule for the event. 

Alla Goldner

Parviz Yegani

ramki krishnan

Alexander Vul

Lingli Deng

Nermin Mohamed

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  1. Hi, Could someone provide the Google maps link toward China Telecom location? I am having hard time with the above address.


    1. link added. click on the pic.

  2. Wow!  I checked and it would take 2 hours from  Crowne Plaza Beijing Sun Palace to the site with public transportation.  Is that true?  

    1. China Telecom will be providing shuttle busses from the Shaoyaoju train station to their site.

      1. Hi,

        if possible, would you please provide more detail on shuttle bus service, such as time and pick-up location at Shaoyaoju station.

  3. Hi,

    Could we get a the address of the meeting venue written in Chinese, please. Preferably in a format that is character set agnostic. Would help in trying to communicate with the eventual taxi driver.


  4. In the event that we are not able to make the morning and/or return shuttle, what would be the alternative means of transport?

    Is taxi a viable way to go? What would be the average cost?

    Thank you in advance,

    Alex Vul

    1. I have updated the TAXI information. 

      1. Also the airport information is updated

  5. Please, give CTBRI coordinates in GoogleMap format.

  6. ONAP team - getting no response in NA to mails, rocketchat or wechat - posting here because the ONAP mail system is undergoing maintenance 

    Sending out this notice of the moved TSC meeting as part of the Casablanca event in Beijing.

    I have not received a verification for a couple of us asking since the PTL meet on Monday – so change this time if the TSC has moved since – so we can get up at the right time – especially if it is moved earlier like 2200 Wed GMT-4 or 1000 Thu GMT+8


    According to the wiki

    the sched says

    Thursday June 21, 2018 2:45pm - 4:45pm 
    Room 1418


    Which matches the room list

    room 1418 - Main webinar - Join URL:


    Thank you


    Yes saw that - thought it would be finished - kind of odd to do this in the middle of a critical conference meet in 12 hours during the onap conference.

    We book meetings via onap-discuss - is there a way the mails can get through - need to schedule a meet for 245 am /michael

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    From: Johnson Nguyen via RT <>
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    Subject: [ONAP Helpdesk #57505] FW: [TSC] TSC meeting for 20180621 - 0245 GMT-4 (1445 GMT+8)


    Hi Michael


    ONAP mailing lists are under going a migration from mailman to


    A notice was sent to the community, please let me know if that was not received on your end.


    On Wed Jun 20 10:37:54 2018, wrote:

    > All newsgroups down


    > From: _PostMaster

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    > To: Michael O'Brien

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    > ([fe80::19c0:c420:4732:6809%23]) with mapi

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    > 14.03.0352.000; Wed, 20 Jun 2018 20:32:18 +0300


    > From: Michael O'Brien <>


    > To: onap-tsc <>, "'onap-



    > <>


    > Subject: [TSC] TSC meeting for 20180621 - 0245 GMT-4 (1445 GMT+8)