Program Committee:

Members of the Community responsible for reviewing and approving topic proposals and set the agenda and schedule for the event. 

Alla GoldnerParviz Yeganiramki krishnanAlexander VulLingli DengNermin Mohamed

Presenter(s)TitleShort DescriptionReq DurationReq DaySlides
TSC MembersTSC MEETINGOfficial TSC Meeting agenda is here TSC 2018-06-21 (Beijing)2 hrs

China Telecom & HuaweiWelcome KeynoteHost presentations for the event30 minTuesday

Kenny PaulDaily session kickoffQuick rundown on local/remote facilitation expectations5 mindaily

ONAP mailing list migration

All of ONAP's mailing lists will be migrated from mailman to from 09:20 to 11:00 AM Pacific time on June 20th. This is a brief overview of what to expect with the new system

15 mins

must be Monday

MSB Breakout session - Istio service mesh and CNCF projects integration

Istio service mesh provides an infrastructure layer to connect, manage and secure microservices, meanwhile, CNCF project Jaeger and Prometheus can provide service visibilities with distributed tracing and metrics. This session will talk about how MSB project plan to integrate them with ONAP and leverage their capabilities to support ONAP microservice architecture.

1 hour


Alla GoldnerUsecase subcommittee - use cases and functional requirements going into CasablancaWe will present the details of functional requirements to be implemented in Casablanca.1.5 hours

PTL Election Process
15 mins

Alla GoldnerCommunity feedback and proposals for improvement

Discussion and agreement on improvement proposals

Community Feedback

1 hour

MultiCloud Breakout session - Deep dive into MultiCloud and the guide to develop new MultiCloud PluginsAs the ONAP community grows fast , there has been a lot of queries coming to us to check how to develop MultiCloud plugin service for their own VIM/Cloud flavors. This breakout session is to deep dive into MultiCloud design and implementation, and we are going to come up with a guide for developing new plugin services for new VIM/Cloud types/flavors1 hour

Integration Lab: How to leverage Integration Lab and related tools for CI / CDIn this session, we are going to introduce related tools and process on how to leverage Integration lab to achieve CI / CD.1 hour

ONAP Integration / BenchmarkContent will be covered: where is ONAP regarding maturity from end to end point of view? KPI and benchmark ... And will follow up with PTLs on how to testing them in R3 from projects and integration point of view.1 hour

ONAP deployment via OOM on KubernetesDemo of ONAP deployment via OOM on Kubernetes, followed by Q&A.1 hourWednesday / Thursday

Discussion proposal for accelerator orchestration support requirement issuesDiscussion on choosing which use case to embody the accelerator and the related framework, as well as resource modeling and the demand of optimal operation.30 min

SDC showcase of the DCAE-D monitoring design plugin and Casablanca features review

showcase the DCAE-DC as the monitoring designer in SDC.

a demo of the capabilities will be presented with a Q&A session.

a presentation of the features planned for Casablanca.

1 hour

Please schedule between 2PM - 5PM UTC+8 to accommodate remote connection from Israel

VID showcase and Casablanca features review

showcase the VID as the operations portal of ONAP.

a demo of the capabilities will be presented with a Q&A session.

a presentation of the features planned for Casablanca.

1 hourPlease schedule between 2PM - 5PM UTC+8 to accommodate remote connection from Israel

Dechao Zhang

Davide Cherubini

Chaker Al Hakim

CMRI ONAP use case consideration for SOTN


Cross Domain and Cross Layer VPN (CCVPN)Use Case

1)CMCC plans to build a new network based on SDN which provides high rate, survivable and flexible service, for high-value customers. We suggest to realize Super Controller as parts of modules of  ONAP such as SO and SDN-C to achieve multi-domain cooperation.

2) details about the whole plan of CCVPN use case, how STON is combined with ONAP and service scenario demonstration.

3) Vodafone proposes to implement open standard External APIs in order to allow Cross Carrier Service Creation


Abinash VishwakarmaONAP Production Deployment: Possible Scenarios, Problems/Showstoppers, Solution Proposal

Looking at ONAP production deployment top-down from operator’s point of view
1) Business drivers
2) Production deployment use cases
3) Typical challenges
4) Capabilities required in ONAP to address the challenges
5) Role of standards and how we see the overall standard eco system can enable the scenarios
6) Our Proposal

1 hour

Eric DebeauExternalAPI NBIPresentation of the new NBI component and perspectives for Beijing30 min +15 min demo

ONAP Deployability requirements from service provider point of viewPresentation of the requirements from a service provider to deploy ONAP from lessons learnt on various POC30 min

Jamil Chawki & Eric Debeau

ONAP role in 5GONAP key role in a 5G deployment and how ONAP will play a key role in the open source ecosytem and in the different standard bodies30 min

Vincent ColasONAP introduction strategy in OrangeOrange steps to introduce ONAP in its affiliates, from the technical, organizational and competencies point of view.30 min

Tao ShenONAP Multi-Language Solution ProposalMulti-Language support for ONAP portals30 min

Yan YangCMCC Lab:Integration testing for VoLTE and CPE: lessons LearnedCMCC Lab:Integration testing for VoLTE and CPE: lessons Learned

Yan YangDeep Dive into VF-CDeep dive into VF-C design and implementation30min

Chuyi GuoResource IM requirementsDiscussion on the R3 Resource IM new requirements30min

Edge Automation through ONAP

1) Casablanca M1 Planning

2) Topics for upcoming releases

1.5 hours

K8S support in ONAP Multi-CloudK8S support in Multi-Cloud allows VNFs being placed in cloud regions that support Kubernetes control .This session introduces the Casablanca scope.30minTuesday, Wednesday or Thursday

ISTIO based Service mesh technology and Mutual TLS key securityIntroduces how ISTIO can be leveraged in ONAP. We will briefly talk about the plans for ONAP and transition plans. Current plan is to make ISTIO service mesh available for few services and prove that it works. Also, plan is to secure the ISTIO CA keys as well envoy proxy keys using Hardware root of trust1hourTuesday, Wednesday or Thursday

Sharon ChisholmAn Introduction to POMBAPost Orchestration Model-based Audit (POMBA) is a collection of tools that allows detection and reporting on data integrity issues in ONAP.   It is capable of reporting on problems between SDC models and their instantiation within ONAP, as well as comparing ONAP inventory to what is found in primary data sources.1 hour

ONAP Beijing Retrospective and Lesson LearnedWe would like to present Beijing Retrospective and Lesson Learned including an action plan proposal30 mins

Accelerate ONAP Release Cadence

We would like to present 3 different approaches to accelerate the ONAP release cadence

30 mins

Jason HuntPlatform Maturity (S3P) Planning for Casablanca

Review the feedback on how Platform Maturity (S3P) worked in Beijing. Suggested changes to requirements, levels, and supporting tools/projects.

(NOTE: may require an agenda item on the TSC meeting for voting also)

60 minsTuesday or Wednesday (I am unavailable after noon Thursday)Platform Maturity S3P Discussion 20June2018.pdf
ONAP Pluggable SecurityPresentation of Pluggable Security Concept and Plans60 mins

ONAP "VNF Developer" Experience

Review the experience of starting with a functional VNF and getting it deployable using ONAP.  What was easy vs hard when preparing a VNF package, installing ONAP, and using ONAP to onboard and deploy the VNF.  Experience with multiple releases of ONAP will be covered (ideally).  Conclude with recommendations for assisting the VNF developer to integrate with ONAP.

60 min

DCAE operational perspectivePresentation of DCAE operational assessment from Orange - operator's perspective30 min 

Samuli KuuselaONAP Security Risk Assessment

Workshop to identify ONAP security risks. The purpose is to produce a prioritized list of security improvements.

The main focus in this WS is to identify risks (assets - threats - vulnerabilities - existing controls) with a creative, brainstorming WoW.

Scope as decided in ONAP Security Sub-Committee: VID, External API, Controllers, DCAE, SO, UI componts: SDC and Use-Case UI, Portal.

Two times 2 hours

1st WS: Tuesday

2nd WS: Thursday

Mornings preferred

Risk Assessment concepts, definitions, process:
Thoughts on ONAP Integration DebuggingONAP integration debugging has been difficult and time-consuming. We explore some thoughts on how to make integration debugging easier.30 min

Chris DonleyCasablanca ArchitectureReadout from the Architecture Subcommittee60 min

VNF Compliance TestingIn this session, we will propose a strategy for launching VNF compliance testing as part of the LF Networking CVP.30 min

Off-Site Dinner Hosted by Huawei
after sessionsWednesday Evening
Containerized VNFs in ONAPKubernetes as a G-VNFM30 mins

TOSCA on KubernetesThe Puccini Project30 mins

Frank ZdarskyONAP on OpenShiftAs an alternative to Rancher30 mins

Pasi VaananenONAP distribution options for large scale networks / Network EdgeAn overview of large-scale in-network Edge deployments & ONAP target architecture implications.30 minsNot Friday
Verizon thoughts and requirements for ONAP deploymentWe would like to present Verizon thoughts ONAP and the requirements that we need in order to deploy ONAP in the Verizon network from a technical and operational viewpoint.30 mins

Casablanca SecurityA summary of the security sub-committee discussions and the resulting expectations for the Casablanca Release30mins

Proposal for ONAP to manage physical network in a abstract wayA proposal of how to driven ONAP platform capability (graph DB in DB, Service & service components , Homing of OOF etc) to support management of physical network.30minsTuesday or Wednesday or Thursday

How to call chinese name

ONAP Modeling  Modeling progress and plan 20mins

Controller Design Studio supporting

SDNC and Generic L4-7 NF Controller

For the ONAP Beijing release, the APPC project delivered the CDT design tool to support the APPC model driven design approach.
For the next ONAP releases, we are proposing to develop a common design tool to support both SDNC and Generic L4-7 NFs (APPC, VFC) Controller integrated with SDC.

This common design tool, also called “Controller Design Studio”, will be built with associated data dictionary and an Ingredient Resource Resolution Micro service
The common design tool models shall be backwards compatible to the current use cases supported in Amsterdam and  Beijing release by Generic L4-7 NF (APP-C specific). 

30 mins

Change Management for life-cycle support from hybrid PNF and VNF management perspective

Presentation of change management requirements and thoughts on 5G hybrid PNF and VNF management

30 mins

Wednesday or Thursday

Change Management for life-cycle support from hybrid PNF and VNF management perspective_201806BeijingForum.pdf
ONAP Resource Information Modelsummary of recent ONAP resource information model discussion, and present ongoing discussion topics including scaling, run time model, etc.30 mins

Lingli DengONAP Service Information ModelONAP service information model progress and plan30 mins

Atsushi Makita(KDDI) Anticipation for ONAP from Operation Support System Application Perspective 

KDDI presents our anticipation for ONAP from the perspectives as follows;

      ?3 Main functions of eTOM

????Japanese Operator’s policy and issues

????Anticipation for ONAP

15 min (incl. Q&A)

ONAP SO - how to use and proposal on the way aheadIntroduce how to use SO and discussion on the road map ahaed.20 minsTuesday, Wednesday or Thursday

Kang XiNew Features and Enhancement to SDCWe would like to propose several new features and enhancements to SDC related to workflow design, GUI enhancement, service template export/import/redesign, support of service design components, integration of A&AI schema and DG Builder, etc. Hopefully the proposed topics will trigger onsite and follow-up constructive discussions and lead to creating valuable items in the ONAP R3 development plan.60 minsTuesday, Wednesday or Thursday
Adrian OSullivanONAP Casablanca External API Framework Enhancements ProposalI would like to discuss the future direction of the ONAP External API Framework and propose some new features and enhancements for the next releases. I would like to discuss how the ONAP external APIs may be leveraged by the ONAP Use Cases in Casablanca to deliver e-2-e Service Service Ordering and Inventory, potentially also incorporating MEF LSO INTERLUDE for ONAP → Partner ONAP communication.30 minsTuesday, Wednesday or Thursday

Google Protocol Buffers as serialization method to transfer
high-volume, low-latency event data.
We would like to present a performance comparison of JSON and GPB as data serialization methods to be used to transfer event data, based on selected real-life RAN use-case (real-time event data transfer).45 minsWednesday or Thursday

PNF Plug and Play (PnP) Enhancements and PNF Authentication (from 5G Use Cases)5G RAN PNF PnP Enhancements (in SO, SDC, SDN-R, AAF, PRH, AAI, and, DCAE) and PNF Authentication30 min Wednesday or Thursday or Friday

Real-Time Performance Measurements (PM) delivery to ONAP (from 5G Use Cases)High-volume data collection through new DCAE VES collector used by RAN Real-Time PM application60 min Wednesday or Thursday or Friday

Real Time PM--Beijing ONAP Conference_20Jun2018.pdf

Parviz Yegani

Habib Madani                           

 Real-Time Data Event Streaming and Processing (RESP)  RESP enhances the DCAE functionality by enabling fast data collection, event streaming, analytics and correlation of business and operational decisions. It also allows for fast performance measurements, usage and configuration data, trouble shooting and management; provides fast track results through pub/sub data event stream publications to the rest of the ONAP system for FCAPS and more.              60 min Wednesday or Thursday or Friday
Casablanca Architecture and Long-term Vision(Tiger Team Update)Presentation of an overview of the ONAP software stack migration towards a modular, model-driven and cloud-native architecture. For the long-term vision (spanning multiple releases) three complementary approaches are being considered:

1) Model-Driven Microservices; 2) Modular Microservices; and 3) Cloud-native Microservices design methodologies based on the "Service Mesh" techniques used in the cloud native world. Recommendations are given for taking the right steps to adapt the target architecture for the Casablanca time frame using the best practices leveraging the state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure.

 60 min Wednesday or Thursday or Friday
S3p improvement for Closed loop network service resiliencePresentation of knowledge sharing and project progress update about improvements made at scalability and performance. The presentation will also bring up long term view about End2End automation and service quality45 minsWednesday or Thursday or Friday

Multi VIM/Cloud progress and Proposals for next releaseIntroduce overview of Multi VIM/Cloud and discuss the roadmap.20 minsWednesday or Thursday or Friday

External controller for 5G RAN configuration and optimization

Introduce how to leverage external controller to complete two key scenarios for 5G RAN, Configuration and Optimization. To meet that functionality, we will define what the external controller looks like. Corresponding configuration and optimization examples will also be introduced.

30 mins

Sharon ChisholmResiliency and Geo-redundancy, lessons from SDNCStarting in Beijing and continuing in Casablanca, we in SDNC leveraged Kubernetes to provide site resiliency and PROM/Music to provide a Geo-redundant active/standby solution with automatic detection of failures and triggering of change of site roles. This session will share the approach taken and lessons learned in the hopes that other components can benefit. In addition, it would be good to discuss component resiliency and redundancy in the context of ONAP as a whole.1 hour

Discussion on projects involvement in OOM during Casablanca releaseAs OOM is responsible for deployment of all components, we need to find a process to continuously deploy latest components images and configuration. We need to discuss the different projects responsibilities for OOM updates, preserving coding standards and common helm charts structure.1 hourWednesday or Thursday

Shay NaehEdge life cycle orchestration using open source software stackA nice demo of connected cars running on Cloudify Kubernetes Kubeless and Arkaino. Done together with AT&T20-30 minutesTuesday or Wednesday
Chris DonleyARC: New project proposal reviewReview session for new project proposals not covered during regular ARC calls2 hoursTuesday
Edge AutomationONAP Edge Computing SDO Alignment40 minWednesday

Dotouch NFV Test Tools
30 mThursday
Samuli SilviusONAP Offline deployment

Modularity- Functional Decomposition
1 hrTuesday
Oskar MalmBulk PM delivery to ONAP (from 5G use case)


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