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The AAF Services are RESTful HTTP/S accessed.  However, utilizing AAF for Authentication and Authorization depends on the Technology used.  Your Service may be a Java Servlet, at which point, you would utilize the J2EE Plugin (CadiFilter) which utilizes the CADI Framework in an easy-to-plugin manner, but if your code is not a Servlet, you can utilize the CADI Framework Directly.

In the following list, please choose the best technology fit going forward.

Release Notes




CADI provides a J2EE (Servlet-api) compliant "CadiFilter".  This is added to you service the way other Filters are, and, in best practice, utilizes a "" file to setup

TODO - Using CADI as Filter

Direct Java Client

This technology uses the exact same code as the CADI Filter, but allows you to create and call the underlying objects directly.  

Java Client Access


A JavaScript client has been written, and we are working on including this in the Open Source


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