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Contributor's Name: Sai Gandham

Contributor's LFID:

Link(s) demonstrating the Contributor's established history of meritocratic contributions to the project: 

AAF:authz Contributions

AAF:cadi Contributions

Application Authorization Framework Documentation

Jira Tickets assigned to Sai

Note from the PTL: Sai was one of the original Contractors from AT&T bringing over the code to ONAP.  He did much of the work setting up ONAP CI/CD, etc and is the most knowledgeable about AAF code and how AAF works in ONAP after the PTL (Jonathan Gathman).  Further, he continually helps in unlogged activity, such as making sure ONAP Release Documents are done, etc.

List of current Committers (as documented here: Resources and Repositories )

- name: 'Jonathan Gathman'
email: ''
company: 'AT&T'
id: 'Instrumental'

- name: 'Girish Havaldar'
email: ''
company: 'Techmahindra'
id: 'giri'

- name: 'Huabing Zhao'
email: ''
company: 'ZTE'
id: 'Huabing_Zhao'

- name: 'Kiran Kamineni'
email: ''
company: 'Intel'
id: 'kirankamineni'

- name: 'Varun Gudisena'
email: ''
company: 'ATT'
id: 'vg411h'

Link documenting the existing Committers voting in favor of promoting the Contributor:  

The Vote, starting on Friday, January 4, 2019, ended by Sunday when all Committers responded.

The Vote was 

5 Votes for Sai as Committer

0 Votes against 

Repositories the new Committer should be granted permissions to: 



Sai's Promotion was approved by TSC on 1/10/2019

2019 TSC Decisions - See these lines.

1/10 TSC Call

      • ...
      • TSC approves the Committer promotion (AAF): @Sai Gandham