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The Definition of high-level TOSCA DM about HPA could refer to Supported HPA Capability Requirements(DRAFT). The example, which acts as a resource of SDC,  could refer to [demo.git] / tosca / vCPE / 

SDC leverages the resource to set up a service, an example output of the service is attached: service-VcpeWithAll-csar.csar


There are several components, which acts of SDC client, to parse the output CSAR to do interactive:

  •  SO:  sends out homing requests to OOF by parsing the CSAR,  with HEAT template,  OOF will respond with the most appropriate flavors accordingly
  • Policy: after user distributes the service, it will download the related CSAR and dynamically generate the policies based on specified rules. 
  • VFC:  sends out homing requests to OOF by parsing the CSAR,  with TOSCA template,  OOF will respond with the most appropriate flavors accordingly

The flow of HPA  like below:

  • Policy generates policies after user distributes SDC service by parsing CSAR
  • TOSCA: VFC sends homing requests to OOF by parsing the SDC CSAR
  • HEAT: SO sending homing requests to OOF by parsing the SDC CSAR
  • OOF fetch policies from Policy based on the input from VFC or SO
  • OOF fetch flavor from AAI based on the received policies
  • OOF composite the output to VFC or SO

We need to keep alignment about the how to parse the SDC CSAR, the mapping from CSAR to low-level fields. below is the logic of Policy side used, the format example refer to OOF R3 HPA & Cloud Agnostic policies 

PolicyConst value or from TOSCA CSARValueComment
policyNameTOSCA CSAR"OSDF_CASABLANCA."+ content.getIdentity()
descriptionConst"OOF Policy"
content.resourcesTOSCA CSARcontent.getResources().add(metaData.getValue("name"));the resource name defined in SDC
content.identityTOSCA CSARcontent.getPolicyType() + "_" + metaData.getValue("name")





content.flavorFeatures.idTOSCA CSARnode.toStringthe name of the VDU node


content.flavorFeatures.flavorProperties.hpaFeatureTOSCA CSAR

one of available or meaningful values:

cpuTopology, basicCapabilities, ovsDpdk, cpuPinning, numa, sriovNicNetwork, pciePassthrough, localStorage, instructionSetExtensions, hugePages based on below Feature judgement flow

based on HPA Policies and Mappings
content.flavorFeatures.flavorProperties.mandatoryfrom mandatory field
content.flavorFeatures.flavorProperties.architecturefrom hardwarePlatform field
content.flavorFeatures.flavorProperties.hpaFeatureAttributesparse and tiny change from configurationValue

[ ]

OOF fill them in

each VDU maps to a FlavorFeature,

each Resource maps to a Policy which includes a flavorFeatures field,  such field consists of a list of FlavorFeature.

Feature judgement flow, it needs go through all VDUs, CPs and VLs based on the received csar:

First stores all VDUs, CPs, VLs, then:

for each (VDU){

         new a FlavorFeature

        if has value under ("virtual_memory#virtual_mem_size or virtual_cpu#num_virtual_cpu"){

               hpaFeature="basicCapabilities "

               generate hapFeatureAttribute based on  value under ("virtual_memory#virtual_mem_size")  and add it into hpaFeatureAttributes

               generate hapFeatureAttribute based on  value under  ("virtual_cpu#num_virtual_cpu") and add it into hpaFeatureAttributes


        if has value under ("virtual_memory#vdu_memory_requirements#memoryPageSize"){


                generate hapFeatureAttribute based on  value under  ("virtual_memory#vdu_memory_requirements#memoryPageSize") and add it into hpaFeatureAttributes


        add flavorFeature into the list of FlavorFeatures field.


for each (CP) {

         interfaceType = value under ("virtual_network_interface_requirements#network_interface_requirements#interfaceType")

         if interfaceType == SR-IOV


         else if interfaceType == PCI-Passthrough



        get the generated flavorFeature based on the value under ("virtual_binding")

        get the FlaovrProperties from flavorFeature

        new a FlavorProperty

        generate hapFeatureAttribute based on  value under ("virtual_network_interface_requirements#nic_io_requirements#logical_node_requirements#pciVendorId") and add it into hpaFeatureAttributes

        generate hapFeatureAttribute based on  value under ("virtual_network_interface_requirements#nic_io_requirements#logical_node_requirements#pciDeviceId") and add it into hpaFeatureAttributes

        generate hapFeatureAttribute based on  value under ("virtual_network_interface_requirements#nic_io_requirements#logical_node_requirements#pciNumDevices") and add it into hpaFeatureAttributes

         if has value under ("virtual_network_interface_requirements#nic_io_requirements#logical_node_requirements#physicalNetwork")

                   get the info of node, which is a Virtual Link, based on the value under ("virtual_link) , it is stores in VLs

                   get the property value under ("physicalNetwork")

                   generate hapFeatureAttribute based on  value under ("virtual_network_interface_requirements#nic_io_requirements#logical_node_requirements#physicalNetwork") and add it into hpaFeatureAttributes

       add FlavorProperty into flavorFeature.getFlavorProperties()


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