CII Best Practices


DCAE MOD was introduced for support of Microservice design and Onboarding plaform in ONAP for DCAE Microservices. 


  • Introduction of DCAE MOD (POC) using Apache NiFi - Guilin
  • Mainstream DCAE MOD components - Honolulu
  • Support DCAE MOD for Helm Chart generation (POC) - Istanbul
  • Mainstream transition of DCAE MOD to support new DCAE helm deployment - Jakarta

As current MOD architeture employs Apache NiFI project (which is still on java8), target plan is to replace/remove this dependencies with new UI/processor. This work started as POC in Istanbul release and seed code delivery from AT&T is available here -

Community support will be required to mainstream these new MOD2 components and re-test all existing MOD usecases. This will be targetted for future ONAP release based on availability of community support.

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