Project NameOOMNotes
Health CheckPassBoth Integration-OOM-Staging-Daily and Integration-OOM-Daily passed HC

Data flows for all use case

VES data reception (VNF to VES simulated)PassR3_DCAE_internal_flow.txt

VES ↔ TCA , via DMaaP

PassSee above attachment
TCA ↔ Policy, via DMaaPPassSee above attachment

DCAE (TCA) ↔  AAI, via API

PassSee above attachment
DCAE (VES) ↔ Holmes (track metrics data), via DMaaPPass


Verified DCAE(VES) events gets posted into DMAAP Fault topic and picked up Holmes container (Additional validation required from Holmes team on internal processing). HOLMES-175 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Control flow for supporting CLAMP

DCAE↔ CLAMP (CLAMP trigger blueprint deployment) , via DCAE Deployment Handler APIPassVerified in Heat and OOM; coordinated by Integration team
SDC↔ DCAE (blueprint distribution from SDC to DCAE Service Change Handler)PassVerified in Heat and OOM; coordinated by Integration team
DCAE (Policy Handler) ↔ Policy, via API and websocketPassVerified in Heat and OOM; coordinated by Integration team
R3 New flow (non-usecase related)

PNF Reg FlowsVES ↔ PRH, via DMaaPPassR3_PRH_AAI_MR_VES_flow.txt

PRH ↔ AAI, via APIPassSee above attachment

PRH ↔ SO, via DMaapPass

Test Artifacts: R3_PRH_DMAAP-SO.txt file.

10/26 - PRH event published validated by Krzysztof Kuzmicki; additional SO subscription requires data preload (in SO) and has dependency on SDC/Portal. Recommendation to validate the remaining scope part of ETE testing approved by Helen.

10/24 - - unfortunate corrections to SO has been merged only to Dublin SO branch. When this merge will be back ported to Casablnca then we can start this test. Without that SO is not able to receive message from DMaap(send by PRH)

10/22 - SO-1102 - Getting issue details... STATUS SO-1099 - Getting issue details... STATUS testing can be started when SO service will successfully instantiated

HV-VES  (5G)WTP:GPB message ↔ HV-VES (tcp/socket)Pass

Windriver SB02 ; log file : hvves_pair_wise_testing_log

HV-VES ↔ DMAAP/kafka Pass

Windriver SB02 ; log file : hvves_pair_wise_testing_log

Data-File  (5G)xNF (simulator) ↔ VES (http)Pass

We use curl command to send fileReady event message to VES, and get "Accepted" response from VES.


VES ↔ DataFile via DMaaPPassR3_DFC_MR_DR_XNF_flow.txt

DataFile ↔ xNF (ftpes)PassSee above attachment

DataFile Publish (Dmaap DR) PassSee above attachment