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Project NameOOMNotes
Health CheckPassedBased on gating jobs on OOM (as of 03/24)

Data flows for all use case

VES data reception (VNF to VES simulated)PassedVES-Flows_PairwiseTest_Logs.txt

VES ↔ TCA , via DMaaP

Passed(results captured on log above)
TCA ↔ Policy, via DMaaPPassed(results captured on log above)

DCAE (TCA) ↔  AAI, via API

NANote: To be validated part of integration test
DCAE (VES) ↔ Holmes (track metrics data), via DMaaPNANote: To be validated part of integration test
VES → TCA-gen2Passed(results captured on log above)
TCA-gen2→ Policy via DMaaPPassed(results captured on log above)

Control flow for supporting CLAMP

DCAE↔ CLAMP (CLAMP trigger blueprint deployment) , via DCAE Deployment Handler APIPassed0401-CLAMP-deploy_undeploy.txt
SDC↔ DCAE (blueprint distribution from SDC to DCAE Service Change Handler)Passed

Validated in SB01


DCAE (Policy Handler) ↔ Policy, via API RetrievalPassed


Policy → DCAE (Policy Handler), update notification via DMaaPPassed0402-Policy-UpdateFlow.txt
ONAP Bootstrapped services (non-usecase specific)

PNF Reg FlowsVES ↔ PRH, via DMaaPPassed

PRH ↔ AAI, via APIPassedlogs in the file above

PRH ↔ SO, via DMaaP

Note: Scope of this test is to validate DMaap notification/structure (E2E PNF registration flow to be verified during integration phase)

HV-VES WTP:GPB message ↔ HV-VES (tcp/socket)Passed

HV-VES ↔ DMAAP/kafka Passedlogs in the file above