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2ONAP Installation100%

3Register Multicloud-k8s Cloud Region with AAI100%

4Register Multicloud-k8s with MSB100%

5Health check multicloud-k8s100%

6Onboard Edgex Helm Charts to multicloud-k8s100%

Onboarding was tested with SDC and SDC listener sidecar.

Whenever a new chart is onboarded into SDC, it will be loaded into the multicloud-k8s plugin.

7Create SO Service Instance100%

8Create SO VNF100%

9Create SO VF Module100%

The Module was Deployed and instantiated via SO gui.

GET  was also tested successfully.

MULTICLOUD-645 - Getting issue details... STATUS

10Delete SO VF Module100%Delete was tested successfully.

Final Step: Images need to be TAGGED in release repo and corresponding Helm Chart would need to be uploaded. DONE

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