There is an agreed need to have better documentation of the ONAP architecture.  This is for several reasons:

  • Common understanding of the ONAP Architecture
  • A way for people to understand the ONAP architecture
  • When new proposals are created, it can be easier to understand and have a common understanding of the architectural impacts.


As a working approach, this wiki will be used; wiki and power point.  When we have a stable understanding, it will be incorporated into read-the-docs via the appropriate format.  The idea is to have:

  • Architectural Principles
  • Major Definitions and Concepts
  • Description of architectural components
  • Description of deployment and management of ONAP
  • Descriptoin of information flows for major lifecycle steps
  • Potential deployment scenarios
  • Release notes from an architecture perspective.

It is not possible to do all this at once.  Hence the work start with:

  • Architectural Principles
  • One example of how to document a componnent with TSC. (SDC is chose)
  • One example of how to document a information flow. (taking deploying the service descriptor and artifacs from SDC.

Architecture Description

Architecure Principles 

Dublin Architecture

Future Architecture Release  (not started at this stage) 


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