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TSC Architecture subcommittee purpose:

The architecture subcommittee is responsible for developing and maintaining a functional ONAP architecture, guided by principles. This functional architecture helps maintain relationships and interaction between functional modules, which may include high level information flows between the modules supporting the use case(s) driving each release. It also helps the community with project proposals by clarifying the new project relationship with existing components.

Input / driver for the architecture decision are business objectives / goals.

Key deliverables from the architecture team are:

Committee agreed architecture principles

End state target architecture (baselined and changes are discussed and sent to TSC for approval)

Architecture evolution / transformation from current release to next release (generated for each ONAP release)

       Highlight short term architecture deviations that would be resolved in future 1-2 releases

For each project proposal, architecture team would evaluate and provide one of the following four recommendations.

1)      Proposed project advances target architecture by addressing the gaps.

2)      Proposed project is consistent with the target architecture and enhances functionality

3)      Proposed project is a slight deviation from the end state target architecture and is a short-term solution to meet urgent needs, architecture alignment will be achieved over next 1 or 2 releases

4)      Proposed project is inconsistent with the target architecture and will likely create overlapping functionality or architecture inconsistency.

The architecture subcommittee will not make decisions regarding internal functioning of projects, but may identify synergies across projects. 

The architecture subcommittee is advisory by nature, and not authoritative. It may provide advice to projects and to the TSC, such as by providing a forum to help resolve architectural questions that may arise.

The architecture subcommittee operates on a rough consensus basis.  If the subcommittee is unable to reach consensus on what advice to offer, the subcommittee will refer the matter to the TSC or inform the project that advice cannot be rendered. 

The architecture subcommittee will consult with Projects to help drive alignment between components and with the functional architecture.

TSC subcommittee expected deliverables:

The architecture subcommittee will develop and maintain a functional architecture diagram and any explanatory material.

Periodically, or midway through a release, the architecture subcommittee will schedule a walk-through with each project to understand API interactions between components.

TSC subcommittee starting participants:

The architecture subcommittee is open to all interested participants, and meetings are open.

Mailing list Moderators Stephen TerrillLingli Dengramki krishnan



Architecture Principles

Open Issues

Dublin Architecture Planning Meeting  (Montreal, Oct 29-31)

JIRA project for issue prioritization:

Next Call

Key Summary Labels

2nd week

Key Summary Labels


Items that are finished from an architecture point of view, but not delived into the the community:


Key Summary Labels

Task Forces:

The architecture sub-committee can initiate tasks forces to progress specific topics.  The output of the tasks forces are always reported back into the architecture sub-committee before further progressing towards the TSC or the ONAP projects.  As per the nature of the architecture sub-committee the Task Forces are advisory by nature.  The creation and termination of tasks forces are clearly announced in the architecture sub-committee meetings.

The current task forces are can be found here: ONAP Architecture TaskForces - Ongoing

Meeting Contributions:

The meeting input and conributions can be found here: ArchCom Contributions

Meeting logistics:

Recurring meetings: Tuesdays, 1400-1600 UTC (starting June 13) 

Meeting Minutes:

The meeting minutes can be found here:  ONAP Archecture Meeting Notes 

Participating in ARC meetings

  • Architecture subcommittee is contribution-driven

    • People can sign up for slots on the agenda

    • We will request people to develop proposals/presentations to discuss during meetings and via email

    • Looking for input from the community, including EUAG
  • Mid-release, we will work with PTLs to schedule a walk-through


  1. Just remind, P36 in the slides as star points miss the infra-c components, hope to cover it while discuss it.

  2. Chris,

        Can we delay the scope change meeting for logging until next week – the 22nd.

        I understand the Architecture team is at a conference next week – so likely we will do this scope change on the 29th in 2 weeks.

        Can I request the first hour – as we have our logging meeting in the 2nd hour of the Arch meeting

        Thank you



    From: [] On Behalf Of Michael O'Brien
    Sent: Friday, May 11, 2018 9:41 AM
    To: Christopher Donley (Chris) <>;; onap-tsc <>
    Subject: [onap-tsc] [ARCH] Request scope change review: POMBA introduction in Logging project for Casablanca



       Hi, the logging project would like to introduce a proposed scope change for Casablanca – we would like to pass these adjustments by the architecture subcommittee and the community before meeting the use case subcommittee.


    The expanded clickable team member list is on the sub page


      I would expect 15 min.

    1. Jon Fannar Karlsson Taylor and Sharon Chisholm will be presenting
    2. Heads up review of the architecture proposal, the new microservices, new API capabilities provided by the audit, any overlap with other projects, requirements on other projects and use case discussion



       This meeting is separate from the ongoing review of the Logging specification and implementation under the following that we discussed at last week’s Architecture meeting


       Let us know if there are any additional requirements.

       Thank you



  3. Are we still recording all the meetings? I don't see any posted past July 24 and would like to see the sept 18 one