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Reviewed updates to Beijing ARC from TSC Comments:

  • SDNC (new slides)
  • External API (new slides)
  • MUSIC (new slide)
  • AAF (added HSM and certificate storage)
  • DCAE (updated API diagram)
  • SO (several clarifications)
  • VFC - it was suggested to change Note 1 on Slide 3 to
  • VNFSDK (SOL-004) - for TOSCA-based VNFs.  HEAT-based VNFs

We will start M3 ARC reviews over the next few weeks.  We'll ask PTLs to focus on functional deltas from AMS, models and APIs (particularly swagger documentation), and S3P.

Recording: zoom_0.mp4

Audio Only: audio_only.m4a

Updated slide deck:

ONAP Beijing Architecture TSC v2.0.2.pptx