• Dublin released
  • Working with LF on Global JJB migration to improve the time it takes to release components (Future of Releases in LF Releng
  • El Alto timeline
    • Development starts July 14, early drop August 19
    • Logging contents (TBD)
  • Borislav Glozman's  concern: Elasticsearch filled up the disk of his environment and blew up his ONAP environment and he suggested to install a plugin called curator hat would purge data after some configurable period
    • LOG-84 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Review of the action items from last meeting



  • the current logging spec has many attributes, only 2 are needed for traceability (RequestId, InvocationId) 
    • some components conform to the early version of the EELF spec
  • Mike Elliott shared with us cloud native logging solution where logs are written to standard out and Fluentd can be used as the unified logging layer.  This will eliminate the need of sidecar container for each component.
  • What's next?
    • Logging to provide code sample
    • Have a couple of ONAP components as reference 
      • AAI
      • SDC
    • The integration team can help confirming rather or not other components conform the logging spec (the 2 attributes)
    • use common Kibana instance
  • Scope: consistency logging and shows a dashboard to the community
  • Next meeting: July 23, 2019
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