MSB to Support Carrier Grade ONAP Microservice Architecture with Service Mesh.pdf

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  1. Huabing Zhao,

    Is there a detailed document about External requests, Load Balancing, circuit Breaker?

    What type of requests are supported?    what is load balancing for? do you see any similarity between Kubernetes Ingress and MSB(future plan)?



  2. Hi Hong,

    More information about MSB can be found in the project wiki space: Microservices Bus Project

    Kubernetes Ingress is a simple way to expose multiple endpoints to the outside of ONAP. But it's more like a demo rather a comprehensive API gateway, there're some limitations, such as:

    • Only can be used in the kubernetes deployment
    • Lack of extension capability, such as auth plugin provided by MSB API gateway
    • Lack of transformation/translation capability
    • The url mappling rule is limited
    • Lack of a management portal UI
    • ....

  3. Hi Huabing,

    I just read your presentation which looks like a proposal... Has a side car/proxy concept been implemented in Beijing?  Will this Service Mesh concept be actually supported in Beijing?

    Thanks, Jane F.

  4. It's not in Beijing. 

    We're starting working on it and will integrate Istio in Casablanca.

     We're asking the participant's input to reschedule the weekly call now, If you're interested, welcome to join our weekly call:

  5. Hi Huabing

    Are you proposing to swap your original sidecar for Istio Envoy?

    We are working on the pluggable security proposal and have a side car implementation in the works (based on Java) - see Pluggable Security#7.2.2SideCarimplementation. I think the proposals are functionally complimentary, however I wonder if the sidecar implementations can be integrated. Istio Envoy is based on C++? I'm not sure how the two can work together? What are your thoughts?

  6. Hi Andrew,

    In theory, sidecar implementation is replaceable. Istio control plane can work with any sidecar implementation as long as it follows the standard Istio control plane-data plane API. I would like to discuss it with you in MSB meeting. It would be great if you could also get us a brief introduction of your sidecar implementation.