TSC subcommittee name:

Modeling Subcommittee (MSC)

Modeling Subcommittee Members

Meeting Logistics, Agendas and Minutes

Modeling sub-committee meetings

TSC subcommittee purpose:

The modeling subcommittee is responsible for for coordinating multiple projects across ONAP to build unified Information and Data models. The committee will:

  • Facilitate model reviews
  • Publish models
  • Curate approved models (model lifecycle management, e.g., versioning)
  • Coordinate model adoption/use across projects
  • Alignment with industry standards for modeling

Individual projects are responsible for developing their own data models and workflows. The modeling subcommittee will assist with coordination and alignment across projects. 

The modeling subcommittee operates on a rough consensus basis.  If the subcommittee is unable to reach consensus on what modeling advice to offer, the subcommittee will refer the matter to the TSC. 

Chair of this subcommittee needs to send weekly report to TSC list.

TSC subcommittee expected deliverable:

The modeling subcommittee will coordinate and document information and data models used in ONAP.

Initially, the modeling subcommittee will publish:

  • VNF Modeling
  • Network service Modeling
  • Service Modeling
  • A&AI Modeling
  • CLAMP Modeling
  • Policy Modeling
  • DCAE Modeling
  • Workflows coordination across multiple projects

TSC subcommittee starting participants:

The modeling subcommittee is open to all interested participants, and meetings are open.