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Modeling project and Modeling sub-committee are using the same teleconf bridge, one week for Modeling project, then the next week will be for Modeling sub-committee.

Meeting Bridge

2019 Recent Meetings

Earlier Meetings List

20180904 Meeting Questions

One question that came up during this call was the desire for example VNFs which include at least one use of the standard interface from the ETSI SOL spec of which at least one operation has an implementation, so that we might see examples.  It would be best to get a vendor variety to see how the specification is being interpreted.

I included some names below in the hopes it would generate an alert as you might be the right people to contact to get an example VNF.  I picked names I recognized but am more than happy to have anyone's examples.

Maopeng Zhang  

Hui Deng

Thinh Nguyenphu

Michela Bevilacqua

20180508 Meeting agenda and Minutes

1) R2 DM                      Victor Gao 10m

2) ETSI Correspondense Thinh 5m

3) Disucssion on R3 DM   Anatoly Katzman 30m

4) Modeling workflow Kevin

5) Service IM                Lingli Deng 5m

6) Resource IM          YANG Xu 5m

20180424 Meeting agenda and Minutes

the meeting was recorded here:

Modeling 20180424 audio_only.m4a

Modeling 20180424.mp4

1) Modeling future working process discussion:         Lingli Deng 15m

2) R2 DM finalize?                     Victor Gao 5m

3) Resource IM            YANG Xu 5m

4) Feedback on R3 DM   Anatoly Katzman 15m

Anatoly will make further explaination how internal model design benefit use case and SO/VFC could work in this solution

5) Service IM                Lingli Deng 5m

6) ETSI Correspondense Thinh 5m

Action? Kevin will send the bridge into the list

20180410 Meeting agenda and Minutes

1) Papyrus:                                      5m Kevin Scaggs

Action? Kevin will send the bridge into the list

2) NSD IM Last call:                10m Maopeng Zhao 

Action: Maopeng will remove diagram, class prefix and openstack network class, then move into clean version

3) R3 DM proposal                          30m  Anatoly Katzman

audio recorded.ONAP R3 DM.mp4

4) Service IM                                   5m Lingli Deng

finish the doodle this week

5) ETSI correspondense        5m Thinh

20180403 Meeting agenda and Minutes

1) Workshop minutes              10m Hui Deng

2) Service IM                            15m Lingli Deng

  • R2 service modeling will be the same as R1 service modeling which is confirmed by SDC/SO/HPA/VNFSDK/AAI/VFC
    • AR: request to move wiki threads to R3 workspace
  • Product is out of the scope of ONAP, but service order is
    • AR: keep service order (not for product order) proposal in the current discussion thread
  • Network Service Descriptor
    • ONAP service model is broader than ETSI NFV Network Service Descriptor
    • The current network service descriptor IM is in a stable phase, the last call ends Tuesday next week, feedback on the wiki or via email is welcome, another call would be set early next week
  • WAN Service Descriptor
    • Comments received from Nigel, and agreed to go with option 3 in changing some names for aligning with ONF IM concepts
  • Service layering class diagram
    • AR: cardinality corrections
    • AR: composite pattern instead of recursive aggregation, initiate last call ends Tuesday next week, feedback on the wiki or via email is welcome, another call would be set early next week
    • AR: decorator pattern for FFS

3) NSD IM Last call:                 10m Maopeng Zhao

4) Resource R2 DM:                 10m Victor

5) Resource R2 IM                    10m  Xu Yang

6) Papyrus:                                  5m Kevin Scaggs

7) ETSI correspondense             5m Thinh

20180320 Meeting agenda and Minutes

1) R2 IM final                              10m YANG Xu

2) R2 DM final:                          15m Victor

3) Resource DM R3 proposal:  15m Anatoly Katzman

4) Papyrus:                                  5m Kevin Scaggs

5) ETSI correspondense             5m Thinh

6) Modeling workshop                5m DENG Hui

20180313 Meeting agenda and Minutes

1) Resource DM R3 proposal:  15m Anatoly Katzman

2) IM R3 proposal:                     15m Kevin Scaggs

3) Resource DM Update:           15m Victor

4) Modeling workshop                5m

5) ETSI correspondense           5m Thinh

20180306 Meeting agenda and Minutes

1) DM:                     Anatoly Katzman

?Victor’s proposal will be agreed – TOSCA NFV profile plus R2 IM+

Note: need to confirm whether onboarding has any issue, if fail then need to fall back to R1 solution.

1) will keep onap type and heat type both folders, and

2) will update onap type with TOSCA NFV profile, and

3) will best effort to let 2 use cases use it, if fail, and will fall back to heat type , and

4) will work on improve R3 modeling spec before end of Beijing release

Extra addition related to IM+(including HPA) will be added later

2)Resource IM:        Xu Yang

1? ElementGroup enhancement:

agreed to put them as “experimental” (optional to implement) part of the R2 model, except for scalingGroup which needs further discussion

2? HPA support:

agreed to support the feature in R2 IM

regarding the attributes, 2 concerns have been raised:

l  The definition/specification of the key and value of each attribute is not clear, which makes it hard for people to understand the usage of each attribute and agree on including it into the IM

l  There’re a few attributes in the IM having the same functionality as the HPA attributes (considered as legacy/redundant attributes). Some participants have shown their preference on choosing one way to express certain functionality, e.g., cpu pinning

a poll has been set up to decide which attributes to be included in R2 IM and how people want to deal with the “legacy/redundant attributes”

3? L3AddressData attributes & Polling results:

No time to discuss

3)Service IM/DM:    Lingli Deng & Maopeng (Wednesday call)
4)Modeling workshop in ONS 2017

5) If time allows:

  Modeling spec Papyrus:  Jessie Jewitt

  Modeling tools:               Nigel Davis

  Parser:                              Atul Purohit

  A&AI                                James Forsyth

20180227 Meeting agenda and Minutes

Deadline for modeling spec is M3: Mar. 7th

Implementation of model spec will be before M4

Modeling workshop is needed during ONS 2018, poll on Sunday or Friday

1)DM:               Anatoly Katzman (Anatoly is absent due to traveling, Deng Hui help to lead the discussion)

    1.1) AT&T suggest to keep Heat support , agreed

    1.2) two tosca proposal on the table



    Suggest a will be R2, b will be a new proposal for R3+ (Consensused), Intel question whether we need b proposal

       Intel: support SOL001/TOSCA NFV DM or code contributor

       ARM: support SOL001

       AT&T(Andy) support TOSCA NFV DM for onboarding,  along with Heat

       Nokia:  support SOL001, code contributor(check)

       Ericsson: support SOL 001/TOSCA NFV DM ,code(check)

       Netcracker: support SOL 001/TOSCA NFV DM

       Huawei: support SOL001/TOSCA NFV DM code contributor

       ZTE:  support SOL001/TOSCA NFV DM code contributor

       China Mobile: support TOSCA NFV DM code contributor


    a) current ONAP IM is more than IFA 11, we need to follow ONAP spec

    b) China Mobile question on SOL001 IPR issue, OASIS TOSCA is more IPR friendly.

2)Resource IM: Xu Yang

      community agreed to do majority vote for the not agreed attributes in the end.

      YANG Xu will organize the call on wednesday and thursday, then put vote spreedsheet on the wiki about the left issues. End of vote will be Monday

      company who disagree with some attbiutes will be recorded

3)Service IM:    Lingli Deng/Maopeng Zhang

      Lingli and Maopeng will make R2 proposal asap.

4) Others (no time to discuss)

  Parser:            Atul Purohit

  Modeling tools: Nigel Davis,

  Modeling spec Papyrus: Jessie Jewitt

  A&AI James Forsyth

20180213 Meeting agenda and Minutes

1)  Resource IM YANG Xu

there is no consensus whether we need to follow ETSI NFV naming convention or change into ONAP naming.

Two polls will be set to decide the naming convention and future meeting time. The polls close on Feb 28th.

2)  Data modeling Anatoly Katzman

DENG Hui: modeling subcommittee have to finalize the 1st draft version by M3 deadline, in this case, we need to allow solutions only 1 week, and make the decision on Feb. 28th.

DENG Hui: there are two solutions on the table now: Monolithic VDU design and TOSCA NFV profile, we are not make decision today, but would get basic impress what company would like to follow:


1) Ericsson  vote for  of ETSI NFV Profile

2) ZTE   vote for  ETSI SOL NFV profile

3) Huawei vote for  ETSI NFV profile

4) Nokia --no one on call

5) Netcracker (Priya TG) vote for ETSI NFV Profile


1) AT&T: Monolithic VDU

2) China Mobile: lacking information to do an informed comparison hence no strong opinion to any specific proposal currently. The options on the table should firstly meet the requirement as a unified DM in the community with consistency to the IM and implementable in Beijing release cadence with vendors support. It would be better if we could align with SDO in the same time.

Next step:

a) check whether we have 3rd solution or not in a week

b) make decision on Feb.27th

3) Modeling tool poll(Jessie)

1) use github for papyrus revision

fine from IM's team (Kevin, Andy, Lingli, and YANG Xu)

Anyway, polling will end by the end of Feb.

20180207 vF2F modeling subcommittee session:

1)  Resource IM Xu Yang

2)  Service IM Maopeng Zhang

3)  Data modeling Anatoly

4)  Centralized Parser Atul

Atul will keep weekly calls for Parser Tiger team from w/c 12th Feb

-  Infosys will help in preparing user stories and requirements, criteria, plan on a page for proposed PoC activity, this will happen as part of modelling project and along side ZTE’s OPNFV parser proposal

- this  PoC will look at various points like

  1. API access of this Parser As a Service, can that be standardized
  2. Exception handling of this interaction
  3. Can a placeholder be created in modelling project to on-board various parsers and abstract them with an API consumers of this idea, what will change for them
  4. The outcomes of this PoC activity may decide if R3 gets a proper / proven proposal for consideration or if the idea is not feasible, it may be dropped

- at the end of PoC, a final call will be take and summary presented to modelling subcommittee to decide on whether it makes sense to peruse this idea further or learnings from the same

5)  Modeling tools Nigel

6) Projects follow up modeling spec discussion (Modeling contact from each Project)

20180123 Meeting Agenda & Minutes

JIRA Modeling 45 Resource DM:   Anatoly Katzman

   Conclusions:: the community agree to work on VDU only in R2, other than VFC/Container style, in future version will consider VDU+VFC/Container hybrid solution

JIRA Modeling 45 Resource IM:    Xu Yang

 1: Kevin

 2: Lingli

   Conclusions: IM will have call about Lingli's contribution next week.

JIRA Modeling 58 Terminology:     Michela Bevilacqua 

Github for Papyrus Jessie

  **Parser tiger:       Atul Purohit

20180123 Meeting Agenda & Minutes

JIRA Modeling 45 Resource IM:    Xu Yang
JIRA Modeling  **  A&AI IM:           Jimmy & Yang Xu
JIRA Modeling 45 Resource DM:   Anatoly Katzman
 -- Alternative VDU            Shitao Li
JIRA Modeling 58 Terminology:     Michela Bevilacqua
VES                                                Alok Gupta
JIRA Modeling  **Parser tiger:       Atul Purohit
Committers update:                        Hui Deng

20180116 Meeting Agenda & Minutes

1) modeling project JIRA review

Data modeling teleconf lead by Anatoly

Terminology lead by Michela

A&AI will have a call with Yangxu about A&AI IM

Yangxu create IFA011 IM doc on the wiki, Kevin and Andy will review and provide feedback

Brian ask to upload papyrus class diagram for IM

2) modeling project M1

Modeling project wiki page will add child page about modeling spec which will link to modeling subcommittee

PTL will send "step down recommendation" email to those committers

20180109 Meeting Agenda & Minutes

1) Vodafone proposal about centralized and external tosca parser

1.1 Atul: the reason pick Aria is because aria is apache based

1.2 SDC: it will bring big change to all projects, it need to be approved by all projects and architecture committee, will also impact each catalog.

1.3 Michael Brenner recommend step by step to check whether it will works or not, first implement

1.4 some of parser couple with component implementation (data model)

Next step: Atul and Hui will build tiger team to handle R2 and R3+ plan


2.1 NFV Parser current plan : Micro service

2.2 javaparser check

2.3 SDC tosca parser


DM people work asap to publish the spec

4) ONAP R2 Service and Resource IM

Nigel needs to finalize the papyrus version asap

20180102 Meeting Minutes

1) Kevin will update accordin to our R2 falling back to service component.

2) Nigel will give  a tutorial about papyrus this Friday in VNFSDK teleconf

3) papyrus version: Oxygen

4) Rittwik will help to talk with Anatony to move foward with SDC DM - Basic, Resource

5) check A&AI related table gap by schedule another call or next friday.

6) need to build a time table to check all projects (SDC, VFC, SO, VNFSDK, MULTIVIM) progress,

7) Readout modeling of close loop control committee in the future

20171214 Minutes of ONAP Modeling workshop

1       Service IM: back to service(customer facing service)/service component(resource facing service, e.g. network service)/resource/resource component layering class diagram, not using composite/decorative pattern for Beijing, translate into papyrus format based on agreed clean version.

2       Resource IM: For design time model, agreed to work on a subset of IFA011 for Beijing (i.e. remove internalCP as show in the discussion page), agreed to add hierarchy for CP inheritance, agreed to work on the latest version of IFA011 (v2.3.1). For run time model, agreed to refactor some of the attributes (e.g., ip addresses).

3       Design time DM: Agreed on Service and Resource hierarchy, while both service and resource can leverage substitution mapping mechanism to realize self-recursion aggregation or composition relations if needed by the IM.

4       Runtime DM A&AI will update NFV related API? in order to align with Information model, and notify the related project accordingly

5       Agreed to work on a concrete example to show how ONAP IM maps to ONAP DM.

6       R2 will be based on TOSCA simple profile 1.1 other than 1.2, but may need to consider some special feature of 1.2 if needed by the use case

7       Each DF should be described in a single TOSCA Service template (VNFD) and considered as a single VNF, in Beijing release, one VNF package will only contain one VNFD

8       R2+ Modeling spec naming convention will use the low camel for attribute names, will consider to add naming convention check during M1/M4

9       WiKi will be used for Modeling spec intermediate version,  Readthedoc will be used for published version

10    Michela volunteer to start to work on the common terminologies for ONAP modeling

11    Modeling spec will be migrate to Papyrus asap, needs to decide version number and setup the timeline to proceed it

12    Use Jira/backlog to track the work asap

20171213 Deployment Flavor Meeting Minutes

1) each DF should be described in a single TOSCA service template (VNFD) and considered as a single VNF.

2) In Beijing release, one VNF package will only contain one VNFD.

20171205 Meeting Minutes

1) December event will best use Monday to Wednesday for R2+ Modeling spec disucssion

2) need to establish operator's list to feedback modeling design like service type

3) composite / Atomic pattern discussions follow john's suggestion

20171205 Meeting Agenda

1) Service IM

2) Resource IM

3) Service/Resource design time DM

4) December events Program

5) M3 checkpoint

6) M2/M4 checkpoint

20171121 Meeting Minutes

1) Service IM

1.1 change catalogitem into descriptor

1.2 Lingli will lead WAN descriptor discussion asap

2) Resource IM

2.1 move vnfc class diagram back into discussion page

2.2 consider data type and constraint

2.3 a&ai NFV might not adapt to VDU, there is still needs for VNFC at runtime

3) Design DM

3.1, is this target DM or R2 DM? there are still limitation for implementation to implement target DM.

20171121 Meeting Agenda

1) Service IM

2) Resource IM

3) Service/Resource DM

4) December events Program

5) M3 checkpoint

6) M2/M4 checkpoint

20171114 Meeting Minutes

1) R2+ Modeling spec discussion procecure confirmed

Step 1: Members could submit their contribution on this page for review and disucssion.

Step 2: Discussion will happen in "Discussion Page" of wiki, if there is unresolved or non-replied items, they will not be moved to the "clean version"

Step 3: Move the concensused part into "Clean Version" of wiki.

2) Suggestion to start DM design asap , and encourage VNFSDK continue to work on it

3) Maopeng and Shitao will send email to the list about questions, other than read wiki page every day

4) Concensused part will be moved to clean version of wiki page

5) Service class chararacteristic diagram will be tentatively droped due to no commitment from SDC and AAI

20171114 Meeting Agenda

1) Wiki page working procecure clarification (input → discussion→ clean page)

2) Clarificaiton discussion of update doc

3) Wiki Page discussion key issues

4) Naming convention from OASIS

20171031 Meeting Minutes

1) Andy presented M3 checkpoint suggestion for IM/DM, will create a wiki page for 2 weeks discussion

2) Jimmy will find modeling people from AAI to answer A&AI question about ECOMP IM on the wiki page by this week.

3) Kevin & Andy will provide update of ECOMP IM and answer ECOMP IM questions by this week.

4) David confirmed that SDC will adopt ECOMP Service IM class diagram, one remaining issue of nested service descriptor still open.
Maopeng has already provided the use case, David will check this use case and feedback whether SDC is fine by this week.
David is requested to answer the remaining Service IM question for SDC part this week.

5) There was a concensus to start with SDC IM and mapping with ECOMP IM, and add extensions with missing. 
David confirmed that SDC team will accept ECOMP Resource IM terminology, e.g. VFC and CP will be renamed as VDU and extCP etc.
However, there will be still discussion needed for parameters.

7) Shitao mentioned that OASIS had naming convention proposal, shitao will publish on the wiki page, discuss next week.

20171107 Meeting Agenda

1) M3 check proposal, Andy 

2) Service IM discussion, Maopeng

3) Resource IM discussion, Yangxu

4) ONAP Modeling workshop, all

20171031 Meeting Minutes

1) Kevin & Andy will provide update of ECOMP IM and answer ECOMP IM questions

2) David needs to confirm whether SDC will adopt ECOMP Service IM class diagram

3) David needs to confirm whether SDC will accept ECOMP Resource IM

4) Jimmy needs to answer A&AI question about ECOMP IM on the wiki page.

20171031 Meeting Agenda

1) Gap analysis for service and resource 

2) Other proposal

20171024 Meeting Minutes

1) R2+ Modeling design principles and guideline is tentatively fixed, Lingli will create a issue page for further discussion

2) Hui will work with Rittwik and Andy about IM gap and SDN IM part and presented next week

3) Hui will create 4 wiki page for people to start the work

20171024 Meeting Agenda

1) R2 Modeling design principles and guideline 

2) Future plan of 2 tracks

20171017 Meeting Agenda

1) R2 Modeling design principles and guideline 

2) Future plan of 2 tracks

20171010 Meeting Agenda

1) R2 Modeling design principles and guideline 

ONAP Modeling session in September 2017 during F2F deverloper event

20170919 Meeting Agenda

1) AT&T present the Data Model

2) Release 2: September F2F event 

20170912 Meeting Minutes

1? AT&T presented information model

2? AT&T were asked to open the spec of IM and DM within this week

3)   AT&T will present Data model next week.

20170912 Meeting Agenda

1)     AT&T will present ECOMP AID information model and GAP [ECOMP info model, ECOMP info model (ppt)

2)     SDC Data Model

3)     Release 2: September F2F event

20170905 Meeting Minutes

1)     Last issue of Release 1, WAN will be discussed between SO/SDNC in the list

2)     Release 2 planning:

         2.1) ECOMP AID (Rittwik) will present in the next teleconf about Ecomp info model, and the proposal of next step.

         2.2 ) September Modeling session in Paris

                2.2.1) It will be divided into 2 session, first preparation discussion (2 hours), the second is the summary discussion (2 hours)

                2.2.2) Rittwik and Lingli will try to join and lead the information model proposal discussion

                2.2.3)  Will invite PTL from SDC/VNFSDK/SO/VFC/A&AI/EAPI/SDNC to feedback about R1 modeling and R2 suggestion

                2.2.4)  Will not arrange the close loop modeling discussion this time.

         2.3) there was suggestion about working with Architecture committtee

         2.4) try to follow top down approach and bottom up for coding part as well, let them them meet in the middle.

20170905 Meeting agenda

1)     Regular Modeling Project topics

2)     Left issues for release 1

             a) SDC WAN

3)    Release 2 plan

         a) Before F2F Developer event

         b) Modeling session in Developer event

20170829 meeting minutes

1)      Issues have been resolved by SDC

2)      only WAN spec left unresolved, others finalized, VNF CSAR package will be finalized until Friday VFC/SDC meeting

3)      Namespace will be discussed future for release 2

20170829 meeting agenda

1)      Remaining issues of modeling spec among VNFSDK/SDC/VFC/SO

2)      Modeling specification for ONAP release 1

3)     ONAP Model namespace related to both R1&R2

20170822 meeting minutes

1)      Spec would better be more detail specified like tosca simple profile version and ETSI NFV spec

2)      Whether VNF CSAR will be changed from import of SDC to outport of SDC.

3)      Heat flow should be added into Release 1 diagram

20170822 meeting agenda

1)      Modeling project, (only 1 tosca parser is on the repo for VFC, UUI hasn’t confirmed yet)

2)      Check the status of interface and modeling spec


a)       VNFSDK-SDC

b)       SDC-SO

c)        SDC-VFC

d)       SO-VFC

e)       SO-SDNC

Modeling specs

1.a) VNFD (skip for R1?)

1.b) SD

1.c) NSD

1.d) WAN spec

1.e) vnf package (skip for R1)

3)      ONAP modeling namespace

20170815 meeting Minutes

1?Service template has finalized WAN as the resource which needs a new definition of type of resource in SDC

2?WAN discussion

ONAP WAN Modeling Draft - R1 Volte use case.pptx

      2.1) SDNC expect the hierarchical naming for WAN YANG modeling, need to work jointly with Brian.

      2.2) how SO do tosca translate into YANG depends on contribution of the code

3? Workflow will be presented in SDC next week

4? VNF CSAR proposal needs to go back VNF SDK to get consensus before submission to modeling subcommittee


The consensus of the VNF SDK modeling sub-project was reached and described in ONAP VNF Model (PROPOSAL for Release 1)

5 ) other topics will continue to go to SDC session.

20170815 meeting agenda

1)       Service template design (resolved?)

2)       WAN discussion (SDC-SO, SO-SDNC)

3)       Workflow design

4)      VNF CSAR format

5)       SDC vs VFC interfaces

6)    Onboarding Open-O types

20170803 meeting minutes

1) SDC team will start to support service composition from R2

2) agree the hack solution, SDC will confirm it in 3 hours

3) ZTE will propose tosca based SD-WAN solution to SDC for review and will also coordinate with SDNC project.

4) modeling committee will start to work on IM and DM as soon as possible

20170724-26 virtual meeting agenda

1) use case 1/2/3 coordination with modeling

2) modeling spec discussion with other projects



2.3: SO (SDC, SO)

2.4: A&AI

2.5: workflow (SDC, SO, VF-C)

2.6: CLAMP, Policy, DCAE modeling

20170718 Meeting Minutes

1) we don't mandate the unfiied tosca parser API during 1st release

2) need to coordinate with SDC PTL about their modeling spec

3) will apply for time slot during Virtual meeting for modeling, agenda will be posted

4) create  sub page under committee to publish the spec of modeling

5) Modeling project and Modeling subcommittee will be splited into 2 teleconf every 2 weeks.

20170711 Meeting Minutes

1) This is the UML based Information model for VNF and NS, mostly come from ETSI NFV IFA spec.

2) Michael suggest that ONAP will not follow IFA 1:1 Mapping

3) Lingli suggest that we need to be cautious about release cadence.

3) VNF package and VNFD spec of VNFSDK will overlap with the spec submited by VF-C, the harmonization of spec will be done by Modeling subcommittee

4) NSD need to be updated to show the difference with IFA spec